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    MUBARAK :)

    To all cricket fans out there...

    Congrats on Pakistan's first win in the World Cup.

    Well, it sure was a see-saw match.
    I was really worried all the way, but our bowling did the trick ... hehe...

    Fielding was not too bad. Just a bot too over-confident at times... if you know what I mean.

    I listened to the commentary on my computer through BBC, nad it wasn't bad at all.
    Infact, it was good since I was conversating with our own Ghalib on icq while following the match. It doesn't compare to seeing the match live with your buddies, but hey! something's better than nothing.

    Next up on Sunday Pak. vs. Aus. ooohh!! hehe...
    go go Pakistan!
    For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran

    yeah it was a great match. umpeiring sucked big time.hope akarm dont send razaq in no 3 position.anyways good job by pakistani.


    Dil Dil pakistan


      Yes! Do u remember umpire in doubt on a clean bowled? That happened today. Poor Saqlain.


        I was like darn!!

        Saqlain would have been disappointed. Well, what can we do.

        I just heard the comments on Toronto Star news network and the guy was like I think it'll be Pakistan vs. Australia in the final and Pakistan will beat them.

        Maine kaha bhai tere munh mey ghee shakarr mithaayee ladoo everything.

        What does everyone think here?? Its a bit too early.
        For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


          Well all I can say is.. waking up at 4:30am (Central) everyday for every match is worth it. And when it's for Pakistan.. nothing matters especially when you got to see it through LIVE VIDEO. From
          Well I think our batting needs.. a lot of improvment.. but our bowling is one of the best infact you could say the best in the world.

          Can't wait for Thursday.. how bad you think Pakistan will kick Scotlands ass!!???

          Well for now.. it looks like West Indies joins India for the most crappiest team to play against Pakistan later in the year.


            Those of us who have no choice but resort to internet for the live coverage of the matches, get yourself ICQ and chat with us while watching the match. It certainly beats listening/watching the game alone. My ICQ is on my profile.


              Akram batted extremely well and bowled extremely well too though without success.

              Lara sucks as a captain. His bringing Powell when overs of Adams were left was ridiculous. Most probably he did it because Adams can not bowl on both ends. That was ridiculous management.

              I think Pakistan's slogging of 90 runs in last 10 overs was crucial in the win. I don't know what Pak management will do with Afridi. Akram does not need his balling and against new ball and Enlish pitches, he is not good. Maybe Wasti will come in.

              Win against scotland should be routine for Pak. As routine as win against India is, these days.



                ap sub ko mubarak ho Pakistan ka victory par



                  Assalaamu alaikum,

                  Umar Talib & dilse aur thamaam hazaraath ko mubarak ho

                  I was watching the match on tv and the atmosphere around me was quite tense, particularly when the wickets began to tumble, and the score wasn't accumulating so fluently.

                  The worst thing was, when Wasim made an enterance, the BBC switched coverage to the Scotland - Aussie match. Apparently, i heard a lot of Pakistanis phoned in complaining to the BBC when this happened. But i got to see Wasim bhai later on in the highlights ... and Masha'Allaah, didn't he bat impressively? - one six almost out of the ground!

                  The BBC showed the whole live bowling performance of Pakistan, without interuptions. Naturally, one could see how upset Wasim was when Saqlain's wicket wasn't given. Wasim was questioning the Umpires for a good minute. Even Imraan, who was comentating at the time could not believe the awful decision, and could not understand why the third umpire is not being consulted.

                  But Alhamdulillaah, we won.

                  kindest regards



                    Great match at Bristol. When Wasim decided to bat everyone was stumped! There was a lot of cloud cover and the Pakistani openers were basically fed to the Walsh and Ambrose! However, Razzaq did well to stick around for a while and see the new ball off.
                    Inzy came and went, it looked like he was still sleeping back in Multan. However, Ijaz played well, as did Youhana, but the real stars were Azhar Mahmood and Wasim Akram.
                    Brian Lara went on camera saying that if
                    Keith Arthurton would have been fit, the Pakistanis would not have been able to score so many runs, which is basically ridiculous!
                    Arthurton, is at best, an average bowler.
                    The Pakistanis would have had no trouble belting him around. And as far as Lara goes...when I saw Saeed Anwar trying to hoist a ball outside the off stump across to mid wicket, I thought that I would definately not be seeing a worse shot in the game!However, Lara proved me wrong. After hitting two boundries of wide deliveries from Mahmood, Lara tried the same shot as Anwar and was easily held, this time through a leading edge my Mushy in the covers.
                    Pakistan should make short work of Scotland. But I'd like to see Saeed Anwar and Shahid Afridi get runs. Saeed, in particular needs to get going. He is too good a player to fail for long. As far as Afridi goes, I think he'll continue to open because if there's anything worse than seeing Afridi get out to a's watching Wasti do his
                    Shoaib Mohammad imitation for hours!!

                    Believe In Angels.