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Who should be the captain of PAK cricket team??

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    Who should be the captain of PAK cricket team??

    Just curious to know who the dear users want to lead our international cricket team these days as it really needs a good captain.Just as Imran Khan who used to swear at the boys when they made any mistake ,in my point of view our team needs someone like him who has the courage and balls to lead our team to the world cup as our team plays well when they know that they will be shouted at if they dont put their full potential.So please post your opinion about who and why someone you like to be the captain of our team.

    East Or West
    Ustad Is Best

    dear ustad....... though a great fan of imran .... i opin in sayin that Wasim is a much more developed bowler right now than Imran ever was in '92.......

    Though akram lacks the solid batting performance that imran had.... i still beleive that wasim can take us home .... particularly with his bowling and with help of some good batting by youngsters like afridi , youhana , azhar , ....

    as for anyone else .... if wasim is not available .... its gotta be saeed anwar or moin khan !



      Wasim Akram is doing a great Job and in my view, we should let him do his job until he gets into an other gambling



        Waseem is the man. Then After him Moin and then Saqlain.



          Everyone knows that we should never mention Aamir Sohail ever again nor Rashid Latif, two very evil people.
          Wasim is 100% pure Captain made
          Moin and Saeed I think should be vice. But Moin is, no problem.