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Who do you think's better, Lara or Tendulkar?

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    Who do you think's better, Lara or Tendulkar?

    Assalamu alaykum!

    Here's a quick survey I'd like to do:

    who do you think is the better batsman, lara ya Sachin?

    Here's my vote: Lara.

    After last test series.

    For tests - Lara

    For ODI- Sachin.




        wAlaikum salam wa rah ma tullah!

        Certainly Lara Rules!!!
        Jub bhee wo samnay atha tha maidan mie, humain tasbhee parna yaad aja thee theen.

        Till then,
        Daysee Behna

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          Statistics is

          Lara in tests
          62 tests, 108 innings, 2 Not outs, 5406 runs., highest 375, avg. 51.49 13 centuries and 27 50's,

          SRT in tests
          68 tests, 105 innings, 10 not outs, 5177 ryuns, highest 179 avg 54.49 19 centuries and 21 50's.

          13 wkts at 34.15

          Lara in ODI
          141 games 139 innings 14 notouts, 5629 runs,169 highest, 45.0 avg, 12 centuries, 37 50's, man of match 20, (once every 6.95 innings)

          2 wkts at avg of 17.

          SRT in ODI
          211 games, 204 innings 10 notouts, 7801 runs, 143 highest, 42.4 avg. 21 centuries (all as opener), 43 50's, Man of match 32 times (once every 6.37 innings)

          78 wkts at the avg. of 46.49.

          (Both are Taureans)

          Forget bowling. The fact that Sachin has to bowl shows how bad Indian bowling is. Lara has Walsh, Ambrose and Hooper to back on.

          The reason I have rated Lara over SRT in tests is that the two innings that Lara played recently to make WI win were one of the best that I ever saw. While SRT could not make India win in Chennai even in a comfortable position.

          But as far as ODI's is concerned, Sachin has plenty of memorable performances. In fact last year when India won quite a few championships, he was man of match in all the finals except one.

          But last year, Lara was in a bad form. Now he is in good form. Let us see WC.

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