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YO gUyZ....say HeLu-HI ;o)

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    YO gUyZ....say HeLu-HI ;o)

    A.A sportyZ...
    Umm got to admit havn't really been here takin good care of the cricket stuff....*good job*
    nice with hat-tricks and...Imran K, Ijaz, gentle giant (INZ), ohhh even LAKERS..wah ji wah Basketball is funnn,
    Ummm do tell me one thing..will u,
    Do any of you go up skiing???
    I'm DA ski-queen #1...'n I'm feeling kinda sore after having a bad day out there...
    wese no doubt;
    *slalom rocks*
    eh...okay 4get about snow-balls..lekin I think I'm gonna like it challo baari baari tell me aap kounsi SPORT pe marrteain hain????
    I'll start..I've just quit the karate..gave up HANDBALL (don't mix it with basketball or netball-----maaaaarongi) after I broke my ancle twice...I'm a part time aerobic instructor....likes DA gym
    I don't do much these days exept looking forward to SHARJAH 'n later ENGLAND..I play Tennis (jabb mood ho) lekin Rollerblading is a must ohhhh tehro get this one; I jog every 2nd day (proud!!!)
    .....and desperate about going to the mountains EVERY WEEKEND (lekin don't make it )
    urghhhhh this is getttting tooo logo me goes......and beside looong over bed time
    swing by with yr lines..

    I mostly do back country skiing, around BC . Snow boarding .. sometimes when i just wanna kick back. You said 'mountains'. if you do any rock climbing.. then we can share some notes ..

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      Ohhh country skiing???
      (in Norwegian; TELEMARK SKI)
      *hhihi it goes faaaaaast....lekin I'm more into slalom though..
      Umm nahi havn't done any rock climbing the last 5 years.....however,when I say 'mountains'
      I mean the snow'y ones
      It's just the perfect WINTER over here right now...nice to go skiing with a cup of hot chocoo 'n bunch of friends..
      wese outlaw you can still share "the" notes you've got na
      boiiii boiiiii


        Hey Aroooj (shirarty )
        Tum yahaN bhutuk kay kahaN say a gai ho bai . You seem to be a very energetic girl, involved in all kinds of!
        Well I used to play a lot of cricket and squash but as I'm maturing i feel the biggest competition for me is i kind of like individual sports more...I have a passion for body building, I like swimming and this summer its gonna be golf and moi

        boi boiii


          BoSs...was just sniffing around na..ese hi agay...and guess what..I like it here
          since outlaw is thora sa sharmila...whydon't you tell me more about this
          passion you got...huh?
          *smiling* wah khuuuuuub akkalmaandi ki baat jhaaari hai aapne bhiii jii...wah ji wah...kya kehna hai:
          "the biggest competition for me is myself"
          hope best for you moi dost
 often do you swim???
          hehe yeps...toooo energetic...don't realex much na..harr damm on the move...
          boiiiiii boiiiii...


            Sharmeela, just cudn't stopped laughing, you seem to jump on conlcusions in a hurry.. no problemo.. well, used telemarks in most of my skiing career.

            Skiing for hours, non-stop , uphill , dowhill , with over night backpacks. Breaking trails in tens of feets of snow , just to earn a stay at some backcountry's cozly heated snow shleter. It's always a team effort , getiin' out of downtown's stress, with some'cool hommies'.

            Climbing career's been brief, though have an urge to step up in the Karakorams, the raddest big-wall climbing zone on earth.

            How' bout your climbing experience, How has it been so far? which 'grade' of difficulty have you touched so far? where you from?

            For day to day fitness, i run, and do lots of hiking, and mountain biking.

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              hehe...seeee this hurry conclusion thing always work
              arkhhhh...don't mind this shy thing!!!
              MMMmmm uphillsssss'n downhillllsss
              ....yepsss know what u mean
              It's always nice with a lil stay at the traditional "huts" and you know what....the steam-bath is the turning point
              can't wait till next Wednesday...
              SNOW BOARD'S NEXT!!!

              hehe my climbing experience???? Well got a sickness 4-5 years horse riding and tennis...guess my friend influenced me on that one....but, the experience wasn't tooo good...uMMm kind of "pretty" unfrofessional-type...
              we use to go every weekend (2 months) and pull our strengths on local mountains...but as everyone quit one by one....
              I couldn't keep it up either...
              Lekin I would love to try it again..
              now that I've got more muscules too

              Mmm so you do mountain biking too???
              oh..always wanted to try it...
              I do bike alot,(no mountain biking) guess it's very normal where I live..evan the ministers bike to work na...
              Hey shy-guy (hehe) karakorams sound kind of intense..but you keep having that urge.....kayyyy?
              so where U from???? (u asked first!!!) haa!

              BoSs..arre koi Pulwaan ji to nahi ho???
              C Ya
              boiiiiii boiiiii


                ohhhhh one thing more,
                arrrreeeee other sportyzzzZz comann plsssss...tell me what you do, what you know- tashreef rakhye!!

                arkhhhh do I have to say this;
                *I DON'T BITE*
                challye I'm more than desperate to know about you
                (eh....this sound kind of weird..mitti daalo)

                *smileeee logo*


                  I am assuming that you live in Norway, love those small villages along the North sea coast line, and wouldn't mind retiring there one day. Well, that has to waite many more years, first comes the Karakorams.

                  Need any advice on skiing, boarding, and my fav, rock climbing ; more than glad to help.

                  I wanna skii this year in Pakistan, heard great remarks' bout 'Malam Jabba'(Swat), though would really appreciate more info from anyone. Also going to pay a visit to the Trango towers(Karakoram range Pakistan), which has made Pakistan the world's hottest destination for big-wall climbing.

                  All of you can reach me on the web at,

                  [email protected]

                  ICQ # 21786645


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                    uHhh MOI GOD!!!
                    Skiing in Pakistan??????????????
                    ehhh......(as in ehhhh ehhhh) mene bhi!!!
                    Arre how could I miss that Kalam Malam Jaba info??? okeiiii guesss now you have to inform me tooo
                    (Hello'ooOo yahan to jaan hi ja rahi hai)

                    So hows life ppl???? Akhhhhh I feeel sooooo "up in the baadlon main thingy"
                    wowww everything seem to go upwards

                    Had AN excellent day boarding...there were 3 m dry snow)
                    arkhh the weather was sooo fine
                    couldn't belive my eyes, sooo bright and sunny , boarding with just a t-shirt is the thing logo!
                    ihhhh well my skin have had it is soooooo red....bilkullll jallll hi gay hon...
                    (should have had more sun factor )
                    Hehe...sorry guys I can go onnnnn and onnnn about's just that I feeel so proud today na...I managed the jumps witout fallllling (hehe although the falls weren't three sixty)......arkhhhh feeel so good, and as BoSS said in one post, I really felt like flying, I had the rollercoaster feeling arkhhhhhh miss the tickle in the stomack!
                    wah ji wah just maazzah to come home to a terrific result...Cricket me to kamal hi hota jaraha hai...*kheekhee* we smashed India with about 100 scores...GOOO Inzamaam Uuuuuuuu ruleeee..
                    (sorry Idians, moi can't hide my evil puNn).
                    what a blasting dayyyy!!!!

                    Ummm Outlaw you seem sooo professional, and on top of everything you like our villages... (yr weird---hehe) oh NOT a bad concider the retirement
                    (I mean if you wanna die ALONE)

                    Time to do some school business
                    fe-imaanullah khair
                    (hey what's with the other khilaryz around? arrrrrre told ya ghupperz....I don't bite..)
                    (Turkish ta-ta)


                      Hey how's goin'? cudn't reply earlier ..been extremely busy. Got to see the highlights of Brazilian grand prix..damn McLaren won again..and Ferrari was just one sec behind.

                      So you've been kickin' butt in snow boarding. Glad to know.. very few Paki chics attempt such stunts.. respect 'em.

                      Skiing in Pakistan.. well need more research and info. Haven't been able to find anything on the web, so far. I know that some slopes are open for 98/99 season, however don't know

                      the extent of their difficulty , and challenge they pose. I'll continue my research, will eventually find some sort of info and be posted for all.

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                        Ohhh pitty about the Ferrari
                        No prob- I've been bZ hisaab burabber

                        *smiling* stunts???....hehe yeahhh yer right---N' thanX for respecting

                        *Don't forget to tell me about the Paki-slope infoooo......