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I believe I can FLY (Raptors)

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    I believe I can FLY (Raptors)

    Well I never thought I would be watching any Raptors game ever but guess what! They are putting on a great show. Vince Carter is gotta be the cookie oops rookie of the year this season.

    Maple Leafs are doing a good job in NHL too...Toronto rules boy (well..ok )
    Where is m'man Nasir..the NHL guy. Hey bud if you read this message, accept a thanks for suggesting me the players for NHL pool. I'm winning...I've been in top five through out the season.

    For the cricket fans..whz up with our team guys..we lost to Sri lanka....yet another batting collapse.


    Actually Boss yaar, it's me. Don't believe me!? Hm.. check my profile and it'll have my name in front of the email.

    Well I'm happy that your winning Amazing I never knew I was that big of Hockey Analist cool! WAit, you've been Top 5 througout the season! WOW! I really am good!! since I was the champ last season of my city. But this season I forgot to enter but I'll enter for the playoffs instead. And I know I'll win...

    Toronto's been doing amazing, from a VERY LOW ranked team to a good top team. Too bad their start of the season wasn't that good or they'd be just like very high ranked. But my favorite NBA team still has to be Houston Rockets and LA Lakers.

    I think we lost on purpose to Sri Lanka, because we want to play Sri Lanka in the finals rather than India. 12 runs c'mon my mom could get that much! haha But never doubt Mr. Wasim Akram!!! He's always got something up his sleve.. or should I say HAT (*if you get what I mean*).

    Pakistan will beat India because India gots peer presure on themselfs I guess..


      Boss Ji

      Thats true toronto rocks but i'm concerned about Blue Jays. I like baseball because it is a close substitute for cricket but since we have that cricket site ... cricket rulz baby.. i mean baba. And i agree our team lost to Sri but today they have kicked India's butt. And inshallah they will win the finals(I hope Wasim haven't taken the bribe). maple leafs are ok but i doubt they are going to be good in play-offs. Now they can't play good hockey against big teams. Look at Ottawa they are way ahead of Leafs. And for raptors i agree they are doing great. Actually the worst team Toronto have now is Blue Jays. But who knows they might do well as well.


        Aaaaaaaaand finaly we Scorrrrrred!!! Go Akram! Go Akram!

        Yea, Yea, Oh yea...

        I beleive we can flyyyyyyyy!!!
        I beleive we can touch the skyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

        Go Pakistan!!! Kick some more honey buns!
        Yea, Yea!!! I'm dancin' O' yea!

        Daysee Behna


          one thing that i have noticed in raptors playing ability is that they can beat any team ....but only when the play all quaters at the same standard.
          i remember last night watchin them against celtics...ansd boston had lost many before comin against us......despite carter scoring 31 with good points on the board....the others let him down big time.
          oakley was sluggish...willis missed his jumpers....
          1 quarter went in toronto's favour but the rest were dominated by the team in green!