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    Quick high lights

    Guys, Inzi and Ijaz hit double centuries...Are we inconsistent or what?
    Ab Englaaaand kis ko lay kay jaiN aur kis ko chor kur?

    Check out Lakers
    Shaq, Rodman, Price, Bryant, Fox....they better beat Utah...u can't get any better.

    Lewis and Holyfield...controversial fight...Anyone got interesting details...?


    What can I say the main man Wasim has got a hat-trick again - definitely the best bowler of his kind in the world.


      Captain, Wasim showed everyone that they don't Imran Khan anymore. Pakistan is doing great and expect Pakistan to accomplish more in the following months.

      Lakers, hm.. I'd call them THE MOST ELECTRIFYING SPORT TEAM IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. They got everyone, you could call them the "Chicago Bulls" because Bulls suck now!

      But I still have thoughts on the Rockets, you never know they could suprise everyone when the playoffs arrive.


        Pakistan is going to win the world cup hands down. Period. That is, unless the guys in the team have their money elsewhere. I like the way Lakers are looking right now but living in Indiana, I am a Pacer's fan. Maybe the two teams will clash in the finals. I expect Pacers to win the championship in the 6th game.