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Is that the end of Windies cricket?

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    Is that the end of Windies cricket?

    All out 51 in 19.1 overs, 10 from Mcgrath, 9.1 from Gilespie, lowest test score for WI, 6th consecutive defeat, lost to Aussies by 312 runs.

    Should you write obitury to WI or they will be back?

    What a great side it was.

    Yeah man, that was amazing. Poor West Indies.. they need a PLAYER LIKE ME!
    Well 51.. hm.. c'mon India can even get that (ohhhhh that's mean). Anywayz West Indies better start doing good or their in trouble because of WC'99 very soon.

    But my prediction is West Indies will not improve unless they play India (damn.. I should stop with the India mean jokes).

    Well at least their not sore losers like India (ok that's it no more).

    Overall, anything happens in Cricket.. and you never know they could beat everyone the next Test Series.. (Everyone = India).

    Ok I better be going.. but remember Pakistan.. uh.. I forgot what I was supposed to say. Oh well..


      If player like Lara can not help, player like you won't.

      But maybe, captain like you will be better than Lara.


        No it isn't! We went through a similar period not too far back, and now mashallah we are back. They will be too.


          I think the big question is Should Brian Lara step down as captain of the West Indies squad?

          Oh and I'm a free agent.. anyone want me on their team???? I am another Wasim Akram!

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            Well the mistake that WI made was that when they were great they didnot look into future and get players ready for the next decade. Now they know where they went wrong but I beleive give them two years and they will be back. The worl of cricket will have another Holding, Marshall or Richards.

            PAINDOO ROLLA