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Pakistan / India Crowd

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    Pakistan / India Crowd

    I think the thread itself says it all...Our people are the best when it comes to entertaining themselves in the stadiums but the question is are a good spectators too?

    The Indian crowd errupted yesterday and fired bottles at the players. Pakistanies would have done almost the same if they were losing. I remeber watching a match against windies in Peshawar...o boy we were bad with Walsh on the long on boundry.
    I love watching games in Australia or England. South Africa and Windies r also not on my good list.

    My question is what do u recommend should be done to minimize the un called for behaviour of the spectators.


    Anyone who has played cricket or any other game for that matter at any level, would definetely take a lose with a sportmanship's spirit i.e with dignity.
    Myself, Umar and Muzna were at the Sahara cup game and yaar we were the only ones watching the game the rest of the crowd was busy with well u know what....which has its own charm.. .

    Indo Pak match is not just a match its a contest between two arch rivals, and losing is just not on the agenda...Yaar hum haar hi nahi sakte ...mentality..prevails among our not so educated masses.

    watching a test match at Lords would my dream
    come true .... crowd bieng one of the reasons.



      Oh yeah the question...

      well raising barricades is not gonna solve any problems, we must change in our attitude. Cricket is just a game and winning or losing does not or should not hurt our pride....we need to grow up a bit more...


        Yeah.....I think the behavior of the Calcutta crowd was pretty disgusting to say the least, but the Pakistani's should realize that it doesn't reflect the sentiments of the silent majority !


          The only way Pakistan and India can play without any trouble is to have no crowds at all. I have been to several'charity' matches between the two countries here in England and I don't think I saw one which completed without trouble - it only requires one idiot to cause disruption. The easiest solution would be to put the barriers up a mile high so those so called supporters can be held together - they should let the cricketers get on with the cricket - if these so called supporters want to fight let them beat each other up.