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    Cricket Questions

    1: why do you think that the corruption enquiry into Pakistani cricket has not released its report yet.
    2: don't you think that its about time that Pakistan opt for younger faces instead of Salim Malik(known match fixer) and others.
    3: there have been some match fixing allegations against Pakistani players during the second test in India, do you think there is some truth in it.
    4: do you think that paki player should be selected on merits and should be paid bonus on better perfromance.
    Your comments please.

    s malik.....u have brought forth some very valid questions here ...which really need to be answered!

    Pak has not yet released the names of its corrupt players ,despite having ample proof of their misconducts,cuz a few of them are in the current series against india and that those players also have contacts with people in power.This is why the delibration is all about ,otherwise the chairman PCB khalid mehmood is very staunch when it comes to enforcing dicipline.....and right now he has his hands cuffed.
    Should pak try youngsters instead of the same old maliks and others holds substance too.....but only when those youngsters are given sufficient exposure toward playing international standard ...and by that i mean that a B team should be formed which should play with the main team on regular basis just as in Aus ,and then the players from there should be picked based on performance .

    As to match fixing in the second test in india ,i dont think it holds any truth...

    About bonuses i think that is a good suggestion cuz it keeps the incentive alive in players where there main concern is money (almost)