Pak declared on 247/9. Shukla took the 3 wickets (Afridi, Inzi and Azhar Mahmood) for 55. Moin and Inzamam made half centuries. (Youhana made 9 runs in 74 deliveries.)

Those who are shouting for including Azhar Mahmood would like to note that he made 0 and not yet took wicket, i mean right now Board XI was 35 without loss.

Let me edit this post and claim that Pak will win in Calcutta.

1) Most probably neutral umpires. I am not one of those who claim Pak would have won last test. Team which makes 247 against Shukla-Kartik is unlikely to make world record 420 on Delhi pitch. But neutral umpires will reduce suspicion of bias.

2) SRT is clearly unfit. He got out trying to loft the ball twice. Normally he spoons it, but so hard that it is diificult to touch, forget catch.

3) Indians have not yet figured out playing Saqlain. Their current best Dravid is tentative and been LBW twice to Saqlain. Anyway Dravid is better with pace than with spin. Azhar, though wizard with spin, is not in his prime age and Ganguly comes low in batting order to make difference.

4) Cal. pitch is hard and has some grass. That will help Pak fast bowlers.

5) Not to mention pathetic Indian bowling. Kumble unless helped by crumbling pitch may not be useful. Prasad, has been indifferet except one fiery spell of three overs. Srinath has not been of much consequence.

I predict Pak win. Of course, as always in India toss will matter.

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[This message has been edited by PG (edited February 11, 1999).]