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Has Kumble changed the style?

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    Has Kumble changed the style?

    I am not saying that Kumble is mediocre. Only an idiot will say so to a bowler who has 234 wkts in 51 tests.

    But Kumble was the last person one would expect to break the Indian record of Kapil and make a world record. In fact, none of Indian bowlers today will be accomodated in any other test team.

    It was not long before that Kumble was ridiculed "Kumble's surprise delivery, ball that turns". It was assumed that best way to play Kumble is to play as if he is medium pace and not a spinner. This was successful. After taking first 100 wkts. in 21 tests, Kumble could not perform.He added googly to his armourr. But to succeed with googly, you have to have a good leg-break.

    But in the last test, the delivery on which he got Mushtaq out turned beutifully. In fact some people commented that he is obtaining more turn than Mushtaq.

    At the pace that Kumble bowls normally, it is not possible to turn the bowl so much. Gavaskar says, he has started bowling slower.

    Some people may flame Paksitani middle order. Some may flame Afridi decision (Afridi was dropped off Kumble's bowling once by Azhar and once by Kumble himself. So he was not very comfortable (even when ball was new) on Kumble that day anyway.) But I guess Kumble has changed style. And that what troubled that day was the assumption that Kumble will never turn.

    I wonder if Kumble has started bowling slower and get more turn added with his usual fast flippers.

    Some numbers

    Kumble's first 21 test 108 wkts at the average of 24.35
    next 26 test 96 wkts at average of 32.3
    last 4 tests 30 wkts at average of 21.77
    Expert comments welcome.

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    PG ....indeed kumble has changed his bowling style as is apparent from his figures in the last four tests he has played !
    but the fact that he broke kapils record or even the world record comes as a surprise because it was against pakistan which has some excellent players of spin bowling .no matter how much turn he was extractin the nub is that how did all pakis just got out to him when they knew exactly how he was bowling !! for thought !
    and that there was a conspiracy and stuff is all rubbish ....
    kumble can bowl well in spinning conditions and faster u turn the ball the more batsmen ud get !
    but overall i dont think kumble can be regarded as being in the same echelon as greats like shane/saqlain etc...

    his major breakthru in this test i guess was that pakis had pressure from hindu fundamentalists and that it was a huge run chase ...nad since kumble, is the spearhead of indian attack ,found an opportunity to crack up some goodies



      I still wouldn't bracket Kumble with Warne, Saqlain, Murulitheran and Musthaq because he is not a great spinner of the ball. He had a few things going for him in this test - firstly the huge score that Pakistan had to chase - they were under pressure straight away, secondly the pitch had been damaged by Shiva Sena - it had recovered properly - it was taking spin on the very first day - a good wicket would start doing that on the third day. Finally, if you are bowling from the end of an inept umpire then you don't need much to take all ten wickets. I am not taking away the fact that he did bowl some very good balls and the Pakistanis batted terribly.


        Well.. he does not turn the ball. But face it.. his figures (234, avg. 27.28) are better than Mushtaq (169, 29.22) or Abdul Qadir(236, 32.81) or Chandra(242, 29.75), though he does not have the aura of Qadir or Chandra. This is without any support on the other bowling end which Chandra and Qadir had. Of course Warne(315,24.96) and Murali(203, 26.93) are better. About Saqlain (who has 85 wkts at avg. of 29.53, worse than Kumble), let him get past 150 wkts and we will discuss him.

        This is for a bowler who bowls mainly flippers. One can argue why turn the ball and trouble fingures when you get wickets even otherwise

        No point talking umpires for a 213 run defeat. It makes sense if you lose by 12 runs. Let us talk of debatable decisions. One was Afridi. Was it wrong or right? No way to know since TV does not confirm the nick or absence of it (Pakistani newspapers reported that ball clearly missed the bat. Those who saw it on TV and those who were commenting on TV do not say so. After 10 replays it is not clear. But trajectory of ball changes while passing. So maybe there was a nick.) Second Ijaz, who should have been given benefit of doubt for being well forward. That is about it.

        I am all for Kumble on THAT day. I am no way saying he is great. But my question was why the hell he clicks. Even Harbhajan looks better when he bowls. Mushtaq looks far better. But Kumble will be more reliable both in test and ODIs (Kumble odi fig. 159 games, 213 wkt 27.76 avg, Mushtaq 130 games, 144 wkts 33.63 Warne, 106, 164 wk. 24.48, Murali 110 games, 151 at 27.95. In fact Saqlain is the best in odi 88 matches 176 wkts at 18.73) Is it accuracy? I don't know.

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