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On the first day!

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    On the first day!

    Kumble was major culprit as far as Pak is concerned. But 238 is quite a recovery from 91/5. Indians continue to maintain the standard of their fielding. Probably the worst fielding side in the world is India, followed by Pakistan or Pakistan may be worst, difficult to decide.

    Youhana played a compact innings and Moin Khan did a good job.

    Waqar as expected is not doing well. Have Indians found the opener they were searching for in Ramesh?

    Akram has to come good tomorrow to get the top and Saqlain should be able to trouble theose who supposedly do not play spin well, e.g. Dravid, as far as Pak is concerned.

    I am sure Pakistan will miss Mushtaq.

    What do you think's going to happen tommorrow??? They already have a good start..I wonder what else will happen??

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      Hi Naseer & PG!

      Yeah! the first day was not that bad for both sides. But I have a few concerns. Pak, is playing with four bowlers duh! i think there should be five even if its on a cost of a specialized batsman. And like PG said Waqar needs to work harder or may be use his speed with intelligence. With India batting last on those dead wickets, I know they will be missing an extra bowler. Imran khan would have never done this...we got so many weapons! why not use 'em results...

      India has some good batsmen and it should be a fun series. Btw has politics hit Amir sohail again?..i couldn't keep up with the news...and Mushtaq? Zahid? Basit Ali? shoib akhtar? where r all these guys....we certainly have a lot of talent in store.



        I have the same question as BOss, esp. whatever happened to Basit Ali. I really liked his batting style which was a clear mirror Miandad style. A lota potential, and he's helped Pakistan in a couple of tournaments in Sharjah.
        Does NEOne know??

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