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    Yo bosss!

    Hey dude, there ain't no damn Vikes alive to bet on.. can't friggin' belive it.. yes and I am very pissed..

    Well, there's always the big daddy of games..

    'Supa Bowl'.. I think I must pick the Broncos..yeah yeah.. I know elway is gonna go out with another ring.. sure damn desreves it.

    Sup man!

    Yeah! Vikes are out! but did you watch the was a classic!
    Anderson missed the field goal. This guy had not missed one in two years. Bus yaar jub kismat kharab ho!
    Similar thing happened to Nick Anderson in '96(I suppose) NBA playoffs against houston rockets and he missed 4 free throws in a row. He never gained his confidence back till last season.

    Anyway WHERE is Mr Zman??? Sir kahin bhag to nhin gaay U can admit u lost the bet! I won't make fun of you (yeah right!)

    Broncos babay!



      Boss : Yaar , I am hear and still weeping for my teams' (Vikings) loss. What a tragedy. I always vote for the underdogs, i.e., the Falcons. Lets hope they dont dissapoint moa.

      Later on & stop laughing at me