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    WWF and WCW fans

    Any WWf and WCW fans. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg are the best wrestlers of this time

    HAHAHA!!! Stone Cold is my worst wrestler. He is so.. rude and he doesn't have any respect. My top 5 are
    1. Mr. Vincent K. McMahon
    2. The Rock
    3. Bret Hart
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Ken Shamrock

    If you saw RAW last week you would have seen the upcomming of GILBERG!!!! He's awesome. If you want news and results go to on the main page it'll have news. Click on Results on the top then click on Raw 1/12 tapped shown 1/18. Then you'll get the results to RAW and Heat because WWF tapes their events. Like Chyna will show Mark Henry having Sex with Sammy and then Chyna will tell mark that she's a guy and then his mom will yell at him and take him backstage because she'll be at RAW. On Heat Chyna will beat Mr. McMahon in an arm wrestling contest because Patterson and Brisco start pushing each other and they accedently hit McMahon. GOLDBERG SUCKS and so does Austin and DX can S*CK-IT!. KNOW YOUR DAMN ROLE YA DAMN JABRONI!

    You Smell What The Naseer's cookin!?
    The Peoples Champ,
    Naseer Malik

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