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    Man of the match statistics

    I just got this man of the match statistics from my friend. I think some names may be overlooked though he said Botham, Hadlee, Lloyd, Gavaskar ,Warne, Donald, Rhodes, Bevan all below 10.

    Player Man of Match/Total matches played

    SR Tendulkar 32/209
    IVA Richards 31/187
    Arvinda de Silva 26/247
    D. Haynes 25/238
    A. Ranatunga 21/251
    B. C. Lara 20/133
    G. Grinidge 19/128
    Miandad 18/233
    Alan Border 18/273
    Martin Crowe 17/143
    Saeed Anwar 17/161
    Azharuddin 17/307
    D. Jones 16/164
    Steve Waugh 14/249
    Wasim Akram 14/254
    Marsh 13/117
    Alan Lamb 13/122
    Jayasuria 13/171
    Imran Khan 13/175
    Salim Malik 13/276
    W. J. Cronje 12/145
    G. Gooch 11/125
    K. Shrikanth 11/146
    Mark Waugh 11/163
    D. Boon 11/181
    Kapil Dev 11/225
    Richardson 11/224
    Waqar Younis 10/172
    S. Ganguly 10/87

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    Like thats a cool info PG

    just goin thru the list i noticed a few things .....
    Tendu on top !!the reason is that man of the match is mostly from the winning side so as u all know......india very rarely wins without tendulkar performing....and when he does perform the maestro does crack up a few goodies for his team.

    as far as Martin crowe goes well he used to be the best in the Downunder for a long time.No aussie except waugh (M)can match his talents!!....not to mention any newzealnder!

    as for as our saeed .....he has a long way to go juss luck at his matches played !

    and Imran won matches single-handedly for us ...who disagrees on that!

    finally Richrds .....i think the cricketing world is yet to see a master like him....all shots with every style in the book.....Amazing!......

    later on