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Some seriuos ass whoopin'

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    Some seriuos ass whoopin'

    Boy ..oh boy, didn't think my fish would be slaughtered at 'Mile High' like that, .. well there's always next season to look forward to, My prediction , Vikes vs Broncos in the "Big Game". It'll be a shootout, most definitely.Vikings' offence can match up with Broncos' evenly.

    Vikings 42

    broncos 35

    OutLaw! ur fish are out BAD! big time dude!

    38 - 3 Now come oN!

    (Ma man! Davis with 199 yards Cool!!!)

    Zman! is the bet still on? u still have time to change your mind (kidding)



      What if Jets beat the Broncos at mile high. Then it is
      Vikinngs 40
      Jets 21
      What do you think about the refrees. They cost Packers the big game. Rice did fumble the ball. Next year we will have action replays. And what if bad calls hurt the big game at Miami.


        Boss : You're still on bud. It'll be a high scoring game and Vikings will take it with a 10 point spread.

        Later on


          Hey boss man , what can I say. I thought JJ had his boys ready to go, however didn't turn out to be.

          Rola, I think jets won't be able to stop the Broncos at Mile High, Broncos are very tough to beat at home. Jets will have to play a perfect game against the Broncos in order to accomplish this mission. In their playoff game against Jaxonville, Jets didn't impress me at all, it could have been anyone's game.

          "You gotta be able to smell the championship in order to win it", said Danny Green in his post game press conference on Sunday, very impressing comments. Vikings are hungry,and they can visualize the "Lombardi Trophy", coming in their way.

          Against the Falcons, they have to shut down Jamal Anderson, on the other hand, Vikes just have too many weapons for the Falcons to handle.

          We'll further discuss "The mighty Vikings" after the AFC/NFC , championships.