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"Imran Khan" ...anyone? Need Help! Plz

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    "Imran Khan" ...anyone? Need Help! Plz

    AA Every one! Howz it? Alright, back to business, here goes:

    A friend of mine, needs info' (writing a biography type) on Imran Khan the great! Now I was put under the spotlight to help out. But as far as my info' are concerned, I know Imran as a Great Cricketier.Won the World cup once.Good leadership qualities, and that he's from Mianwali, His Mom died of Cancer, built the Shawkat Khanum, Maried a rich English Women, who reverted to Islam. Came to politics, "Got sweeped" The other way around (lost the elections, I mean). Aaaaaaaaand....???

    Do any of u out there, know a great net-site where all RAD info' can be acessed. I mean, all the details, i.e. Why was he born, what made 'em a Hero, when was he "THE CHOOSEN ONE" who, how, where, what etc, etc???
    HelppPPppPP anyone ? ? ?

    Hi daisy behna

    How are you doing?

    chup chup bethay ho zaroor koi baat hai
    lugta hai kisi say pehli mulaqat hai ji pehli mulaqat hai (kidding NOT!)

    Ok help on Imran! try 1-800-Imran khan
    or try a collect call at his place and when he picks up the phone, start the conversation with "Hey you! what the heck have you been doing so far hehe..."

    Well before you shoot is some real help. Go to the "last 20 day Topics" in the khail khilari section and check out the web page address posted by our friend Mania X. The heading of the thread is "Legends of Pakistan."

    Hope it helps
    Take care


      HA HA HA! WO-MAn! Ur killing me!Teeheehee, "Chup, chup baythay... MATH AND LITERATURE!!!"

      I'm ur Behna, right?! Then how the heck do u expect me to have all the patience plus "ENERGY" to get something (20 days old) logged on etc, etc. I'm gonna go the other way around I guess. Thank you very, very much, COme again! WHOOPS! Where'd that come from??? I guess listening to my cousin imatating the SIMPSONS too much Teeheehee.

      I'll pass this info' to the one in need though Thanks!

      Btw, When's that Spanish Gift thingy gonna be umm... AHEM! AHEM! (Recally anything at all?)
      Daysee Behna

      PS.Asalamo Alaikum Wsalamo Alaikum wa rah ma tullah!


        Daisy behna, Alsalam u alikum warahmatula hay wabara ka ta hu and u and u and u too...

        Sorry yaar! about the spanish gift! guilty 100% I'll make up for this in one way or the other. Promise (hmm not! hmm ok! promise)

        Talk about ENERGY! guess why i showed you the path and not write the address of the web site? well i was just lazy hehe...

        Maths ya Michael, Literature ya Larry
        ha! ha! kidding mauf kurdo yaar!



          Walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa baarakatho hoo ya AKHI

          Hmm..hmm... in that case, u gotta be in Utopia to make such happen. Wake up! We live here, in Ccccold, freeezing dead reality Teehehe. Hmm.. Talkin' of Utopia, where's the Mevy Go Wound i.e. the Jalaybi #2nd urf Gol, Gol Probably got carried away with his Utopian theologies Teehehe.
          Till then,


            Why was he this a question or miss spealllled!

            Well he is actualy in LA right now, buy his dinner ticket and face him in person. Otherwise there are at least two books written on him and you should be able to get them through bookstore. He also wrote a nice book called, if the title is correct "An Indus Journey"

            Well he lost the election, beacuse Pakis are fast asleep and would not know a good thing when they see one.