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NHL anybody??? Need help!!

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    NHL anybody??? Need help!!

    Ok guys,

    If anyone of you is a big NHL fan please let me know the following

    Which player/s are gonna perform like Wasim Akram and Inzimam..during this season..u know what i am saying....
    I wanna know players who are for sure gonna do good in offense, defence and goal keeping.

    Actually, I'm betting on the players (shhhhhhh.....) Me not being that involved in ice hockey would really appreciate some input.


    Bottom line let me put it this way...
    Presidents Torphy - Detroit Redwings or New York Rangers
    Hart Trophy - Peter Foresburg
    Lady Bing - Paul Kariya
    Willam Jennings Trophy - Dominuk Hasek
    Veizna Trophy - Dominuk Hasek
    Noris Trophy - Nickalus Lidstrom
    Calder Trophy - ?????
    Frank J. Selki Trophy - Sergei Fedorov
    Conn Smyth Trophy - Steve Yzerman
    Runners up - Philedelphia Flyers
    I missed a few other awards but overall it will be the Detroit Redwings Dynasty. So I have something to say.. HOW SWEEP IT IS!!!!


      Thanks Nasir you have been a great help!!

      We still have sometime to think...I turn in my players on tomoorow night...dude I've these following players so far

      1)Peter forseberg (couldn't take paul kariya...they are in the same group)
      2)Wayne Gretzky
      3)Steve Yzerman
      4)Niklas Lidstrom
      5)Dominik Hasek
      6)Tie Domi

      I still need 7 more "GOOD" players...

      For the team I'm double minded between Detroit / Dallas...Help me out Bud!!



        Well I'm not sure what catorgory there alowing because I CAN TELL YOU LOTS OF GOOD PLAYERS! Take Detroit because sure Detroit will not do that good as Dallas in the pre-season but then when the playoffs roll watch out the final in the West between Det and Dallas. Take Detroit because Dallas' team doesn't know how to co-perate with each other in the playoffs especially. Detroit has HAD MANY experiences and will win again I'm sure!
        For the players I don't know who's in who's group so I can't help you... I'll tell you 7 players but they proabably won't work beause their in the same group as the others. Joe Sakic, Eric Lindros, Sergei Fedorov, Petr Bondra, Pavel Bure, Mike Modano, Joe Neiwendik, Jon LeClair, Saku Koviu, Brendon Shanahan, Jarmoir Jagr, Patrick Roy, Mats Sundin, Sandis Ozalich, Curtis Joseph, Scott Nedermayer, John Vanbeesbrock, Shane Corson, Teemu Salanee, Alexander Mogilney, Jason Allison, Sergei Samsanov, Ron Francis, Chris Chelios, Ray Borque, Alexi Yashin, well that's all I can tell you for players. Now you can decide out of these for your group. It's all up to you. Last year I won the city draft and got an autographed team picture of the Redwings. COOL! Well anyway, I told you more than 7. I hope this works...


          Thanks Nasir

          The kind of sports freak that I am!! I guess i'll be hooked to NHL forever... after this season.

          Hi coolio...sorry buddy let us stick with DISCUSSION RELATING TO SPORTS. Let US keep it clean and simple


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            I understand. Did the Admin erase the pics or did you? You can get more pics if you like if you type in the supermodel's name Heidi Klum at Yahoo! search engine. I can only post pics at the showbiz section as told by the Admin.
            The Admin is a pretty cool guy actually. I mean he made this site I am surprised he's not working for Bill Gates.

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