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Kiss nay match fix kiya!

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    Kiss nay match fix kiya!

    I am totally amazed at all the allegations which have been going around about our cricketing heros about match fixing. To me there has got to be some truth in it. For our crickers have only followed the steps (and supported by) our corrupt politicians. Isn't it about time that the facts are revealed. And normal Pakistanis are not made a laughing stock all around the world(by their corrupt fellows)!

    the process of match fixing is rather complicated Malik sahib
    but the truth is that many of our cricketers do indulge in this hideous activity
    even the bro of Wasim akram is a bookie(khudee andazaaa lagaein aap)

    during a match the chosen palyers analyze the situation and either drop a catch (akram did in Sharjah)or get plumb lbw like ijaz(quadrangular in lahore)

    well these are just allegations but since hum khud bhee cricket ko thora buhat jantay hain ,one cant hide the treachory from the face...hai kay naheen