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Sahara Cup Report -- Aankhon dekhaa haal !

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    Sahara Cup Report -- Aankhon dekhaa haal !

    "Jeet gaya bhai jeet gaya, Pakistan jeet gaya!!".
    This was the voice of the Pakistani spectators after
    Pakistan smashed India with a spectacular 316 for 6.
    Shahid Afridi gave us all a good show with 3 sixers of
    Ganguly and numeroud fours to score an overall 109, the
    first century in the Sahara Cup, and also his record high
    if I am not mistaken. Inzimam-ul-Haq, the Incredible Hulk
    put a good 78 runs and with the firm-stand help of Aamir
    and Salim, Pakistan had a good show on for both Indians
    and us.
    Although the "Jeet Gaya" nara was in place, there was
    always India to bat and given Ganguly's haalat in bowling
    there was a chance that he'd show outrageous batting. That
    however did not happen, and India lost its first wicket
    within the first twenty runs. The second wicket was also
    a breeze. Then there was a silence from both sides and
    the Indians seemed to stabilize, and there were a couple
    of boundaries. However it was in saving such a boundary that
    our dear Afridi tossed the ball direct on the stumps, a
    marvellous throw and that was the end right there as I see it.
    Wickets just kept on coming.
    Among the highlights was the moment when Afridi was about to
    complete his century. It was formally announced then that nobody
    should disturb the teams and enter the field, or they would be
    arrested by security. Lekin kaun roak sakkaa hai, woh uncle ne
    jo daurdh lagaai at Afridi's century, and he hugged him hard.
    It was a true jazbaa and I don't feel sorry for that guy.
    "Inzimaam aa gaya maidaan mein, haijemaalow!!" was what we sang
    at his entry. Arey bhai khaatey peetey log hein, aur Indians ne
    usse "aaloo" kahaa. Lekin, Indians nei itney aaloo zindagi mein
    nahin khaye hon ge, jitne hamarey aaloo nei khilaye. Unn ki team
    ki "bhindi torey", Persaud, arey bhai uss ka buthaa dekhney walaa
    thaa. Shughul bhi khub lagaa yaaron, asal mein do matches theiy, aik
    field ke ander aur aik field key baharr. Donown jagaa takkar ki
    teams theen. Overall it was a clean, with a very few incidents
    of physical voilence.

    It didn't end yet, after the match, we boyz & gals pumped up our
    vehicles, aur Jhandey shandey lagaa ke nikall gaye shehaarr mein.
    After roaming thru the city, we entered the beloved Gerrard India Bazaar.
    It was like people were waiting for us to come, Dil Dil Pakistan was
    sounding all over, the shopkeepers were on the street with v's and
    thumbs. Aik mithaai waaley ne free ladddoooos gaareeon mein baantt diye
    aur humm ney khub narey lagaaey. Night hasn't ended yet, people are
    still out there, and we are the champs until next time, next year
    InshaAllah. Ganguly peh yeh raat bhari parey gee. Afridi man of the
    match, but Ganguly man of "Our Match".

    ciao, and take care.
    Pakistan Zindabaad!!

    For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran

    Umar Talib sahib,
    I saw all the parts that you have described...but not the Gerrard street scenario...
    issey sun kay to liberty yaad aa gayee

    anyway aik lambeee choree kahanee hai jo aap ko sunani hai....but hotmail is down from i'll mail you about my experience as soon as it is possible!

    afridi nay to kal indians kee....aagey khud samajh dar ho
    Btw i loved his chaka over the sidescreen (that was a treat)


      hi Umar and gup shup gang!

      sorry yaar aap logon say mulaqaat na ho saki.
      Maharaja and I got there at 9:45...looooong line in front of the ticket counter. I met a guy who was selling his extra tickets, I thought i can't be any more lucky and won't have to stand in the line so i bought tickets from him (hey no GST/PST COOOL!)

      But guess what! it was for stand G1, the "Indian Stand". I was like d'oh!!! big time.
      But I found a couple other pakistanis in the stand who had purposely bought the tickets for the Indian stand. Guess what! was it worth sitting there when Afridi was smashing fours and sixes. It was so much fun supporting Pakistan among Indians. The only thing Indians could support was "good throw sidhu" ha! ha!

      SAEED- I wish i had seen more of him
      Afridi- Dil khush kur dya
      Inzimam-Aloo yeah right! Indians got that right
      Malik-Elegant (not )
      Amir- Captain's inning and good bowling changes
      Ijaz-oh boy! I only wanted to see his stance...and i got that
      Moin-chika! the first ball he plays. He is a true fighter! I love this guy.




        What a series!
        Lucky me got to see the winning matches only!

        And the best part was sitting with the loudest gang all the time.. . .

        Glad to see you guys there Umar and Adnan and thanks for coming over to our stand . . . G4.


          So is the Sahara Cup over?? Or do we still have a final match??


            Arey bhai, InshaAllah, aaj kaa match bhi apna hi hoga. Although it aint the same as yesterday, but still so far the score required is 50 runs off of 66 balls for Pakistan. We still have Malik, Sohail, Ijaz and Moin.

            Muzna, we've won it all and the first one we lost against India, kyaa munh tordh jawaab mila hai unhein in Saturday's match.

            Allah Hafiz.

            For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


              Here we go again guys,
              latest new as of 6:00 pm, we've won the game. Afsos siraf yeh hai ke Aamir Sohail was only 3 runs short of his century. He scored 97 with 3 sixers, the only sixers in today's game.

              Allah kaa karamm, aur hamarey mihnatt, we can prove to be quite a force eh ?

              Khuda Hafiz.
              For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                We kicked their asses.

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