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    body building

    have been weightlifting for da last 4 years, will be glad to get some desi tips on body building i.e. training, supliment (any thing).

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    SAdat depends on what are you focusing on....

    But here are a few general ones
    1)If you are trying to gain weight then you need to lift heavy weights, less repetitions(reps).

    2)If you are trying to define your body...then you need less weight and more reps. Near competition days you can reduce the intake of water too.

    3)For abs, its better not to use weights....I tore my muscles so here is a lesson to be learnt. Stick with aerobics and swimming.

    4)Always stretch before you start lifting...In Pak there were some cheetas who didn't bother...but it is really important...and i'm one of the lazy cheetas too

    Lemme know more about what aspect are you working on and may be we can exchange opinions.



      thanks 4 your feedback boss!!!
      i almost thought no 1 is going to respond to that.

      right now i m focusing on shoulders. i have been doing some 'behind the neck' presess. but cant go too heavy(always gives me an injury). any ideas!!!
      (any other DESI tips)

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        Hi Sadat,

        So shoulders are bothering han! Actually behind the neck presses are the best exercise that you can do. It could be done with a rod or dumbells both. Its better if you have a partner while working out cuz it helps on those last few reps.

        Ok for the DESI tips....
        1) Lay down, with your abs on the bench.
        2)Use the weights you are comfortable with, don't go too heavy.
        3)Lift the dumbells, making your arms perpendicular to ur back.
        4) Resist the motion on your way back.

        lemme know how it goes.