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Does India really need International Cricket ?

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    Does India really need International Cricket ?

    I have suggested this before....but now with India likely being subjected to the whims of the Aussies and English in agreeing to play games in India....the question that needs to be asked is - Does India really need International Cricket (as much as say Pakistan) ?

    Why not tap into the all-prevailing cricket craze in India and create a "domestic" league on the lines of IPL but far more comprehensive in scope and duration and with all the glamour and the glitz (think NBA/AFL/NBL etc) with no security-sensitive foreign players (also no gora coaches/managers/referees etc to parasite on Indian cricket market)

    I have no doubts in my mind that with right kind of marketing - these games will enjoy as much TV viewership as International games. Indians can get very as emotional about their regional affiliations as they can be about their country.

    Even with foreign players in the IPL - one could see a glimpse of how strongly fans were supporting their regional teams.

    So basically what I am saying is that BCCI can show the middle finger to the Aussies and the English and still keep the money machine cranking as before.

    Thoughts ?

    ps > What is the big deal with the English team anyways - got bowled out for 95 by a Mumbai Club Team. I think a game between Delhi and Mumbai will be far more competative.
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    Re: Does India really need International Cricket ?

    Some1, How much public come to watch game b/w lets say 2 colleges in India? For game to succeed, it has to be like college football league etc ...

    secondly, no matter how much popularity NHL, NBA etc enjoys in US, it always loose to small teams in international tournaments like Olympics. Remember game is always exciting if either two top teams are playing or lowest teams are playing.

    I believe that overall skill level of cricketers will decrease over time if they dont play with the international teams.
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      Why would you see a need to have India isolated from the rest of the countries, especially when it holds majority of the power in all ways, shapes and forms over other boards? You are an ardent cricket lover, Some1 Bhai. What happened in the past couple of days have, rather similarly, happened in Pakistan. Yes, we have lost hope of organizing any home series and yet it is cricket at the end of the day which unites us together. How would India even compete on a global stage if it is isolated from playing International cricket but organizes a country-wide league, as you said, and invite other players from international arena? This way India will run all cricket boards into the ground. The current issue on the table today is whether one wants to pursue ICL or play in the national team for an equal amount of time for much less sum of money. If India organizes a "comprehensive" domestic league similar to IPL and run it all year long, every player under the sun would refuse to sign national contracts in hope to secure their future with BCCI/IPL/ICL.

      What about coaches anyway? Has the appointment of Venkatesh Prasad helped India? Do you see it has helped India in any way? Robin Singh, fielding coach? Yet there are players in the Indian team who can't run to save their lives. The success of India is largely coming from the services of Dhoni. I haven't had the foggiest idea why Prasad and Robin Singh are even part of the Indian team.

      Have you read the latest spate of articles in Surfer? BCCI cannot afford to give a middle finger to anyone for the following reasons, I will mention below. Here is a food for thought: The final of India/Pakistan Twenty20 was watched by 48 million people. An International ODI series such as Kitply Cup acquired an audience of 63 million. The last test series between India and South Africa had 48 million viewers. How are you going to create a domestic league with a viewership exceeding 45-50 million unless India and Pakistan are facing each other?
      The tour must go on (Times Online)

      England's well-paid professionals should continue their tour (Guardian)

      India must not go to Pakistan (Harsha Bhogle)

      Passion for cricket in India can fight back against brutality played out in Mumbai (Telegraph)

      Like us, sport has to exist in shadows of terror (Independent)