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funny side of cricket

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    funny side of cricket

    As the batsmen passed the man in the white coat, he said,
    "That was never LBW - you need glasses."
    And the man in the white coat replied, "so do you mate, I'm selling ice-cream."

    Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson were a fearsome combination, both on and off the green. An interviewer once said to Lillee,

    "Tell me, Dennis, what would you do if you discovered you had only 30 minutes to live?"

    Dennis said: "I'd make love to the first thing that moved."

    "And what would you do Mr Thomson?"

    and Thommo said, "I wouldn't move for half an hour."

    "Wicket keepers", says Pat, "are all the same in one way. There is no two of them alike."

    My wife is really silly, last week she said I treat cricket as a religion. I told her not be so silly. But if she wanted to discuss it could she please wait until the Reverend Benaud and Father Bill Lawry had finished speaking.

    Q. How do you recognise an Australian cricketer at Lord's?
    A. He's the one holding the Ashes.
    :.:.:Pakistan Zindabad:.:.: