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What are Pakistan cricket team's prospects in 2021 T20 World cup?

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    What are Pakistan cricket team's prospects in 2021 T20 World cup?

    What do you think about Pakistan's prospects of victory in the upcoming t20 world cup?

    The t20 team has been mediocre for the last 2 years. The batting has been too dependant on Babar azam and rizwan. Hafeez is very inconsistent and is now almost a senior citizen. Fakhar Zaman is also inconsistent and seldom scores.

    When it comes to Pakistan winning the world cup, my heart says yes but my head says no.

    During the hunt for new PCB chairman, Ramiz Raja allegedly told IK that current Pakistani team will not even reach the super 8 stage in 2021 T20 World Cup. So I will not keep my hopes very high, nor blame it on Ramiz Raja.


      We should good hope. Pakistan team will play a good game in the 2020 World Cup. At least the Pakistani team will be included in the top five teams. lets see, if you want to know more about Biggest Cricket Stadium
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        Pakistan squad now looks stronger with the inclusion of Haider Ali to replace Azam Khan. That fat turd Azam khan aka parchi was only selected in the first place because of his dad Moin khan

        Moin Khan you *some french words*
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          Pakistan just doesn't play to the level of England, Australia, New Zealand or India. The roles have switched with Indian team having more bowling and batting depth than Pakistan. Babar Azam can't do jack **** if there is no support from any where else.
          No one even gives a **** about field hockey anymore when it is supposed to be the national game of Pakistan. Squash outside of the Khans and Snooker outside of whoever won it last is no where to be found either.

          I don't know why Pakistan doesn't pay attention to football when it is balochi players that are the mainstay of Arab teams. Is it because the game is not famous in Punjab?

          We have a similar case with snowboarding or downhill skiing when Pakistan happens to have the tallest mountains in the world. Desis can't even do track, fencing or archery etc. UAE has won medals in archery while starving africans have won in track.