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Ramiz Raja - new PCB chief

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    Originally posted by Gothamist View Post

    So far so good for RR. He is bringing ICC worldcup to be hosted in 2025. Give credit where due. Applause
    I do not think the application process and lobbying for that was done by Ramiz Raja after Sept 13, 2021, his hire date. I like RR, no doubt about it but I'm thinking the former ones weren't as bad as I was assuming them to be.

    As far as ICC Champions Trophy 2025 is concerned, it is too early to celebrate. Teams can pull out at the last moment or even midway during the tournament. Najam Sethi has long suggested and worked on mentally preparing other teams to react adequately if an untoward incident happens. An untoward incident around the stadium or near the hotel where a foreign team is staying can not be ruled out. But if teams are mentally prepared, they are less likely to abandon the tournament. I have a lot more to say especially about demands from some teams to move the venue to UAE, but I'll say that when the time comes.


      Surrendering to religious extremists as this government did no matter how they spin it as Bajwa's "no" doesn't inspire confidence in Pakistan when "islamic extremism" is such a boogeymen in the West.

      Pakistan already has had a bad reputation in the past to be the only major or even of all cricketing nations to have an international team attacked by you know what "islamic terrorists". I don't think that even Tamil Tigers pulled off such a feat in the past in their heyday when gora teams wouldn't visit Sri Lanka for tours.