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    Published by Jawad Pasha Pakistan 41 mins


      PSL 2021: Karachi Kings make it to play-offs after defeating Quetta Gladiators

      کراچی کنگز و لاہورقلندرز کےPSL
      میچ اور ملتان سلطان سے مقابلے میں ثابت ہورہاہےکہ تخت لاہور کے سیاستدانوں کی طرح لاہورقلندرز بھی مقابلہ کرنے کے اہل ہی نہیں
      جہانگیرترین،علیم خان,زلفی بخاری جیسی
      ہوں ،ایسٹیبلشمنٹ کی حمایت، کسی بیرونی قوت کی خفیہ سرپرستی حاصل ہو تبھی جیت سکتے ہیں

      پی ایس ایل 6: دانش عزیز نے کراچی کنگز کو پلے آف میں پہنچادیا، قلندرز لیگ سے باہر


        Originally posted by Anwer Pasha View Post
        Lahore Qalandars

        Lahore Qalandars IS ONCE AGAIN OUT OF PSL


          What happened with Lahore is really a bit shocking. They lost last 4 games and then were at the mercy of Quetta to win against KK which didnt happen.

          That team is really cursed lol. Overall they were the best team on paper.

          Now I'm glad Karachi is kicked out too. They were a bad team. Other than Babar who can give you 50-70 runs but that doesnt work in T20s. You need everyone to pitch in. Guptill was out of form. And Amir is no more a good bowler, not in T20 atleast. Imad couldnt perform at all. No idea how they pulled the victory last year.

          So now its Multan, Islo and Zalmis. Despite I hate Multan's owner Ali tareen, I still want them to win and i think they will. They are not better than PZ or Islo but i think the experience of Shoaib Malik will come real handy in the finals.
          Attitude is more important than facts.
          "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"



            PSL 2021 Eliminator 2: Peshawar Zalmi reach final after beating Islamabad United by 8 wickets

            PSL Final --- Multan Sultanz Vs Peshawar Zalmi
            پی ایس ایل کا فائنل ملتان سلطانز اور پشاور زلمی کے درمیان کھیلا جائے گا #PSL_فائنل_MSvsPZ
            آپ کسے سپورٹ کریں گے ؟
            Your Support for ?


              ملتان سلطانز پی ایس ایل 6 کا چیمپئن بن گیا
              ہدف کے تعاقب میں پ
              شاور زلمی مقررہ 20 اوورز میں 159رنز بناسکی،
              پشاور کی جانب سے سب سے نمایاں کھلاڑی شعیب ملک

              Underdogs Multan Sultans thrash Peshawar Zalmi to win maiden PSL title
              Imran Tahir's three-wicket 17th over helps Multan Sultans triumph over Peshawar Zalmi in PSL final
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                Congrats Multan Sultan fans on becoming new champion of PSL. way to go. Much deserved!!

                the best part I liked about their victory is that its mostly Pakistani players who played vital role. Shan masood, Sohaib maqsood, Kushdil shah, Dhani and ofcourse Rizwan played like true champs.

                Attitude is more important than facts.
                "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"