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Sidhu's one-liners on his joining BJP

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    Sidhu's one-liners on his joining BJP

    I found his "pearls of wisdom" very funny. Wanted to share it with you guys. This man is something, I will tell you this much...

    Excerpts from his interview with rediff :

    Why the BJP?

    All parties are the same, but it is the line of thinking which makes a party good or bad. The swan and crane both live in the pond. While the former looks for jewels, the latter looks for fish. A party that does not progress is not a party. Lot of developmental work has been done under Prime Minister Vajpayee's leadership. He is a man of principles.

    The fragrance of flowers travels along the way in which the wind blows, but the fragrance of human goodness spreads in all directions. Respect has to be earned by your conduct. The work done by the BJP-led NDA [National Democratic Alliance] government has been outstanding.

    Will you contest the Patiala Lok Sabha seat?

    There is no question of ifs. If my aunty had been a man she would have been my uncle. Until or unless someone gives me that responsibility I shall not comment.

    Re: Sidhu's one-liners on his joining BJP

    Originally posted by Some1:
    If my aunty had been a man she would have been my uncle
    Goyan keshk aqbat taskeen ast...Awal shor ast aqbat namkeen ast
    Har chanz aasiyat sang zeerey...Ee surat-e-beqrar barbin ast


      Now, Sidhuisms for the BJP

      One who doesn't throw the dice can never expect to score a six. This sample of SidhuSpeak seems tailored to describe ex-cricketer turned commentator Navjot Singh Sidhu’s political debut with BJP.

      But then, the Sardar of One-liners knows for sure - You cannot ride a seat-less bicycle without getting blisters on your bums. That of course would be akin to “as uncomfortable as a bum on a porcupine”.

      His party colleagues may not want to know what he had in mind when he reportedly said “All that comes from a cow is not milk!” But then it is very difficult to kill a man who is hell bent on committing suicide! That too when he is as innocent (politically, that is,) as a freshly laid egg!

      Once dubbed “A Stroke-less Wonder”, it will be a new innings for Sidhu. But this opening batsman knows that “wickets (like politics) are like wives - you never know which way they will turn!” One hopes he does not end up as “…confused as a child is in a topless bar!”. Or will he be like “an Indian three-wheeler which will suck a lot of diesel but cannot go beyond 30!”

      The Sardar will however tell you: “You cannot make omelets without breaking the eggs” and that “nobody travels on the road to success without a puncture or two.” So, he is ready to fight like “a rattlesnake and give it the first two bites too.” For him it’s a Hobson’s choice: “You got to choose between tightening your belt or losing your pants.”

      Sidhu must remember there will be no gloves for protection when he takes on the Congress's bouncers and beamers: “The cat with gloves catches no mice.” Time will tell if the Sardar is a wily fox and “… if we make the fox run, the chicken will become hen.” If 'ifs and buts' were 'pots and pant' then there would be no tinkers. For his own sake, he must keep the gap between his political gabble and Sidhuisms at a minimum in order not to get clean bowled.


        i fink navjot sidhu is gr8,, i enjoyed listening to his test math commentary when india toured england, man i don't know where he comes up with all that goobledegook


          He always struck me as being a bit thick. My view hasn't really changed.


            He's the most awkward runner I've seen in my life. His legs and upper body are incoherent while running and he ends up looking like he will fall anytime. I was watching this Indo-Pak match some days ago and sure enough he was run out after slipping. Before that he continued to run on the picth even after Aamir Sohail pointed it out to the umpire.