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I love every one

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    I love every one

    I love every one

    But who love me? i know none
    In the time of difficulty I've always helped others
    But when i m in some trouble I've always hung
    Instead of being loved,I've been hated by all
    Is that sincerity,what u call?
    I don't have any fellow,internally,none is mine
    Pushing some one in the valley of death,
    Do u think is that fine?
    My heart is broken, i m in pain
    Intead of external sympathy,nothing i can gain
    I m not worst as u have considered
    I beg u for a drop of love,look i m dying of thrist
    I wish to live but i'm dying, i'm dying
    Oh, save me
    Not a single ray of hope any body gave me
    Thats the end of my story
    Who comes to save me
    Yet no body i can see

    I love everyone but........