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    My STORM

    My Storm

    As I sit here, in my room, all alone
    I think of past loves, that I've known
    Like a storm it brews inside my mind
    The scars it leaves, the pain inside

    Let me tell you of the fateful storm,
    that led my heart to disbelieve

    The storm that left me afraid and scared,
    although it's a storm I no longer grieve

    It started with the clouds, that darken the sky,
    high about your head
    You think it's going to pass
    You think it will blow over
    But the intensity grows instead

    Lightening comes like a truth or a lie,
    and you know it won't stop
    So you start to cry
    You try to hide from the thunder of anger,
    like the wind you can feel the rage

    Then the rain comes down,
    you start to lose hope
    like the fog you start to fade
    Then all that's left is the damage it's done

    So in your soul,
    is where the wounds have begun
    Your life moves on when the storm is gone
    But your soul is still wounded inside

    So that's my tale, so sad but true,
    of why I find it so hard to believe
    Your kindness is working it's way into my heart
    but my faith you may have to retrieve

    So when I'm scared and frightened sometimes,
    hold me close and keep me warm
    There may be times when our skies fill with clouds
    and I hope there will never be a storm

    Nice nice...


      Originally posted by Swera:
      Nice nice...
      thnx swera