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The Struggle for Aengland...

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  • Faris Udeen
    Re: The Struggle for Aengland...

    England in the late 8th and Early 9th Centuries
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  • Faris Udeen
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    The Struggle for Aengland...

    After the fall of the Roman Empire and before the Norman's conquered the land that was to become England. It was dominated by a Germanic people who had migrated to this Island nation of Britannia. They were from what is not Germany, and they were a confederation of tribes known as the Saexca. A name they supposedly earned because all their warriors carried a long knife, the Saex worn at the belt. History remembers them as the Saxons. On coming to this land they named it Aengland, we now call it "England", and they called themselves Aenglo-Suxcea, Anglo-Saxons. To separate themselves from their European Germanic Saxon cousins.

    In England the Saxons quickly overran and displaced the Native people. Exactly where he Saxons first landed is still in dispute, what is not in dispute is the effect they had almost immediately on arrival. They destroyed much of the Roman Cities and Colonies plunging the land into what was once popularly termed the dark ages. The Ancient Celtic peoples were driven into the far corners of the Land, the Britons mainly forced into Wales and Cornwall... where even to this day and age the Cornish and Welsh languages and Culture remain separate to that of the rest of England. North of Hadrian's Wall the Saxons made much less progress, the fierce Scottish Kingdom of Strath-Clota (Strathclyde) held out against the Saxons, but all the rest o the land of England was carved up into several Saxon Kingdoms.

    The names of those Kingdoms still survive today. To the North was Northumbria, in the Middle was Mercia, to the East was East Aenglia, to the South was South Saexca (Sussex) and to the West lay West Saexca, Wessex. Each of these Kingdoms was independently ruled by a Saxon King and each had its own government and laws. Some things were common such as customs and language, but there were differences too. By the 7th and 8th Centuries the Saxons had converted from their old Pagan beliefs to Christianity thanks in part to many Missionary Saints sent from mainland Europe by the increasingly powerful Roman Catholic Church. Yet as the Saxons settled down in their new lands and made themselves comfortable, even building and restoring the land an old enemy from across the Whale Road (Sea) was stirring... and England would be plunged into a battle for its very survival...

    By the Spring of 878AD England was reduced to a single little Kingdom in the West. A Powerful force of Invaders from Scandinavia began to systematically Conquer all of England... It seemed nothing could stop them... but a King would emerge out of this Chaos. The Only King in the entire history of Britain to be given the epithet "The Great"

    Ahead lie Great Battles, Great changes and a Saga of the ages...