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Burning bridges?

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    Burning bridges?

    I find it peculiar that there have been so many times in the History of the sub-continet where after long periods of peacefull co-existence between different creeds and cultures the people start burning thier own bridges... sometimes this is becuase of one or two rabble rousers but many times its as if the whole nations goes rabbid.

    Why is this?

    Now to many the idea that Muslims and Hindus or Northeners and Southerners or High and low castes ever got along seems absurd... but truth is there has been more instances of people bridging these gaps and even creating beautifull fusions of culture or even new cultures than any of the more well known violent surges.

    Is it something in the human pysche? Is it in the blood? Is there something in the water?

    Why do you think our Asian community in the subcontinet is often burning down these bridges that sometimes took centuries of effort to build?

    Its just something I've been pondering about for a while and cant seem to think what the problem is here. My personal take on the matter is that a few are using conflict as a way to obtain power over the many. When in fact we should all work towards making life more comfortable for everyone.

    I think one big word that has to be the summary for this thread and the attitudes we should all have is "Respect".

    Please discuss your views on this.
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    Re: Burning bridges?

    It is peculiar and mocking too. If we try to find the root-cause of the most uber conflicts, infringements, inter and intra disputes, in reality, they are so meagre in nature and can be tackled very easily but a few people and/or groups use them and heave them to endless turmoil only to benefit their own selves.
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      Re: Burning bridges?

      When you put things in perspective, we have been around for what 60 million years. So relative to that, the turmoil of even the last 1000 years is insignificant. In another 100,000 years, there will be new actors, new cultures, and new divides.
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