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Afghan "Jihad" aka Fasad of 1980s

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    Afghan "Jihad" aka Fasad of 1980s

    It is a common misconception STILL amongst the younger generation that afghan insurgency of 1980s was a "jihad" its time to lay this to rest

    It was the biggest foreign policy blunder of pakistan and was was win only for US

    both afghanistan and pakistan suffered irreparable losses

    When you go up against a super power, such as the Soviet Union of the 1980s, irreparable losses are guaranteed. Many Muslims get deterred by mere thought of loosing everything they've got. Even if the prophet(pbuh) himself would come and try to convince otherwise, some Muslims would not listen. It happened in Ghazwa-e-Tabuk. Despite prophet(pbuh)'s direct orders, Munafiqeen started making excuses of all sorts, some even started building a mosque to excuse themselves from following the orders of the prophet(pbuh). It doesn't matter what we say with our tongues, because what is in our hearts is known to Allah. "Innamal a'malu binniyat” (Indeed all actions are based on the intentions).


      Are you, by any chance, referring to US's war against Russia which was fought by arming / training Afghani muslims & named jihad ? Some people I have interacted with online say it was genuine jihad. You cannot understand why they believe so unless you were alive, present in those times. Whether they were really misled.

      Personally, I have not been able to grasp yet why it was considered genuine jihad. I believe that the war took place at a time when Islam was spreading fast in Russia & to stop that, not only practicing religion was restricted but that war was fought against russia to crush it by involving many. Leaders that were imposed were anti-islam but the common public was turning to islam. So that war was actually a political move by more powerful of the world to ensure the power remains undivided.

      Looking at exceptionally large number of muslims that were there after the break of Soviet, one can't help but realise that russia might have emerged as a powerful MUSLIM state if afghani muslims along with Pakistani muslims were not made to fight 'jihad' against Russia because most of russian public was muslim & fast reverting to islam. But because as a Muslim needs to have firm belief on nothing happens in the world without the will of Allah. So maybe that war was a wrath. We don't know.

      I hope that is what you were referring to by 1989 afghan insurgency.
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