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    Past Events

    Which event of the past changed the world for the best?


    Which event of the past changed the world for the worst?

    #metoo #BLM were good movements, social media changed world forever.

    Trump getting elected was a bad thing that emboldened right wing all over the planet,
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      Better: The internal combustion engine, literally the backbone of the industrial renaissance. Without the I.C.E. we would still be burning oil lamps and riding around in horse and carriage. Everything, from your iPhone, to the pace of medicinal advancements, owe a debt of gratitude to the internal combustion engine.

      Worst: Both world wars, which lead to the emergence of a new super power and a paradigm shift in the political and economic landscape. Gold was replaced by an arbitrary reserve currency, the US dollar and oil became the defining resource for political influence around the world, but unfortunately it's custodians were/are weak, limp wristed, greedy and easily manipulated.

      In the words of a once great Kanye West:

      No one man should have all that power...
      "Some people believe that necessity is the mother of Invention, but they're wrong, its War" - James May


        Better: Rise of China and Russia in the 21st century.
        Worse: Collapse of the Soviet Union.


          Industrial revolution and subsequent generation of Wealth

          Bad one: Cold war, Cold in Europe and Hot in Asia
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