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in denial?

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    in denial?

    Do u consider yourself to be Pakistani OR British/american(etc.) ?

    Can u just consider your self british muslim and forget your parents background on the basis that you don't know anything about that background and your upbringing had nothing to do with u're parents native country?

    Does it mean your forgetting your roots? Is it plain denial?
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    I consider my self in b/w two cultures i.e Pakistani and American. Pakistan is a country, where I was born, grew up, spent my childhood. Impossible for me to forget.

    As goes for the United States, the country has fed me, educated me and given me everything that it has. Therefore, can't forget what America has done for me. I work my tail off and receive success in return.

    So, my identity would be Muslim of Pakistani origin living in America.

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      I consider myself a Pakistani Canadian. Born in Pakistan, but moved to Canada at the young age of 2. I keep a good blend of Pakistani and Canadian culture. Best of both worlds.
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