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Secrets of Lahore (Kinkibird, cont'd)

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    Secrets of Lahore (Kinkibird, cont'd)

    KinkiBird. Sorry Jigar, you got offended. Khuda teri Parvaz Buland Karay, Amin.

    Dear Friends. I am starting another thread for Lahore and Lahori food in particular.

    I am obsessed with anything Lahori, especially food. I thought I should share some places that I know with my GuppShupp friends. The directions for restaurants are for people who don't know Lahore very well (yes.. Its hard to believe that there are still those people around… O, Jinay Lahore nahe Daykhya, O Jamya e NahiN).

    Here are some Lahori Food for thought:

    Bhatti Karahi House. (far end of Jail Road, the Muzang Chungi side-Opposite Nirala Sweet House. It's on the left side when you are going towards Muzang Chungi on Jail Road.)

    Ohhhh! (It's a culinary orgasm). Best place for Takka-Tuk is Nishat Champ Shop. It's located on Abbot Road. This is perpendicular to McLoad Rd, just off of the Duty Free Shop.

    If you are a Standard Seekh Kabbab person you should go to Mochi. I particularly am not a big fan of Bhayia etc. I like my Seekh Kabbab a little crunchy so I can taste little pieces of Piyaz in it. (Bhayia Kabbabs are made without piyaz).

    Mamma Kabbab Walla is really good for Alloo Cutless and Shami Kabbab. (Temple Road), towards Mall Road from Mozang Chungi. These Kabbabs go really well with Roah.

    Khoiay Wallay Kabbab are really good. Yes! That's Kabbabs with "Khoyaa" (Cream). They aren't very popular because not a lot of people know about them probably because they are only available at one place: Sadar Bazar, Lahore cantt. The owner operates from a Khokha

    All the good Haleem places in Lahore are in the "Shaher" (City). There are two different kinds of Haleem places. The Chicken Haleem places,
    and the regular Haleem places. The Chicken Haleem places (Montgomery Road and Abbot Road). They serve good stuff with lots of Chicken in it, usually a leg or breast piece. They also serve Chollay with Anday (eggs).

    Hareesa is Haleem made from Gundum (wheat) rather than daal. The only place where you should have Hareesa is Gawal Mandi. There's this guy opposite Tufail Machlee Walla in Gawal Mandi.

    Pathoray is like Puri, except it's thicker because there is daal mixed in it. It is served with Chollay. There are tons of Phathoray shops at Fane Road right behind High Court.

    It stinks!!!, and all the other fancy restaurants in Lahore!!! Their food smells. They use low quality ingredients. Don't eat at fancy restaurants. They charge you 400 rupees for a glass of water. For that price, you can feed a family of six for a whole week if you go to the places that I am recommending where prices are reasonable and food is really mazeedar.

    The undisputed Nihari King in Lahore is Dehli Kay Al-Mashoor Nihari Wallay. You can't get Nihari like that-anywhere! Finding it could be a problem. Enter old city through Lahori gate.

    The only thing that makes Halwaa Purree good is chollay. If you don't have good chollay then it's no fun. Royal Park (Montgomery Road, McLoad Road)

    The most famous is Bashir Darulmahi, Muzang Chungi - and Omer Fish Corner in Ichhra. Then there's Tufail Machlee in Gawal Mandi.

    Finally, If you are a female, it is kinda hard to get in some of these places. You can ask a male member of your family to bring home the food. If you are a male, and if you live within 2 miles from any of these places, it is more fun to go with a friend or a relative on a cycle with a back carrier. Holding the stuff in both hands on the back seat is a lot of fun. Singing while riding (fanaticizing about a career in showbusiness) the bike can add fun to an already exciting experience of dodging Babas (old men), Ma-ees (old ladies) and Tangas. After riding for a few miles, you will be hungry like a pig. The food will taste really good. If you have a meal with the whole family on a spread chadar (sheet) or daree (cheap rug) on the floor and eat it with hands, food tastes out of this world. I hate sitting on a mom-jama (a plastic sheet), I prefer Daree. People who return from Abu-Dahbi use mom-jamas.

    I have a few more places to share. I will do that soon. I also know some of the best bargain shops in Lahore to buy clothes (mainly Landa Bazzar), No, only kidding, I really know where to buy good quality stuff at very reasonable prices. I know Daree shops, inside the old city that charges 1/5th of the price you might pay in a shop on Laxmi Road. For Bhanday (utensils, cooking pots, etc.) Rang Mahal is the best. There are good bargains for cloth materials near BansaN Aalla Bazzar. Some AnarKali shops are rip offs. Never shop at Liberty or Fortress Stadium, they are the biggest rip off artists. Their stuff is low quality and they think they belong at Madison Ave in New York City. I hate those pretentious shoppers who will spend 1800 rupess on a Malaysia (black cloth) Shalwar Kamiz because it has a label on the pocket that reads Fila. You can buy a better Shalwar Kamiz for 225 rupees in Rang Mahal. If anyone wants to find out any information on anything about Lahore: food, shopping, sight seeing, best bhondee places, or anything, let me know. I will be delighted to share it with you.

    Lahore Lahore Aay.

    Can someone do the same restaurant reviews for other cities in Pakistan...

    I'd like to know about restaurants and places to hang out in the major cities of Pakistan - how bout some info on Islamabad (I've heard its a boring city), Rawalpindi, and Peshawer. Additional info on Karachi and Lahore is good too.

    Thanks NY Ahmadi


      Kee yaad kara ditta-ee...
      Its been three years since I've been to Lahore. Gotta agree that you know many good places there yaar.
      A couple of others I might add are :

      FISH :
      Sardar dee machhee

      NIHARI :
      Waaris kee nihari with Taftaan

      ICE-CREAM :
      Chamann ice cream

      Lekin yaar jo mazaa chaltey phirtey...khokey aur rairdhey sey khaaney kaa hai naa...woh aur kissi cheez kaa nahi
      esp. jaddoN chawwee(24) number wagon'ich bai-key callege jaidaa ey naa...buss kuch naa puchow...khanaa tey saraa hazamm ho jandaa ai. tey pheyr babaa jee ik thandee botall tey phardaanaa

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      For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


        oh mere galaN karda ain tu...mera te dil e uddas kar ditta tooN...ji karda hunney javaaN Lahore te ghatoo ghat jamman joga te hovaaN....Your post another reason to visit Lahore next time....

        teri post ne te kai meriaN puraniaN yaadaN taza kar dittiaN, Landa Bazaar...every sizable city in Punjab have a landa bazaar....BansaN walla bazzar...Bans's got be popular in Punjab long time ago... ..every city has a BansaN walla bazar too..sabzi mandi, Mall Road(thanks to British), uchha pull, Sadar bazaar etc...

        I think I will plan my visit with yours next time.......what a cheaper way to find a guide... Just tell me when you go there next time....

        CM - Hungary for Takka-Tuk on Abbot Road


          Wallah kaya "knowledge"

          NYAdmi Ji app ko Economist kay bajay tourism industry main ho nachahiay tha.
          I am also from Lahore ………….but never had the chance to visit most of the places you mentioned…app larkoan ki anayaat hay…sorry meray mutlab app say nahin…app tu bohaat sharif hain ….I mean yah jo Lahore kay larkay hain…Larkiyoan ko kahin akela nikalnay hee nahin detay.………buss body guards ki tarhaan ass pass chakar lagatay rahtay hain.

          Very sad it means I have been deprived of so many wonderful places



            My Dear Friends.

            What can I tell you. I don't claim to be an authority on Lahore, I think I know about the Shaher (city) a little more than an average Lahori. Like many other people, I know the history of the city dating back to 4th and 5th century. But, I have yet to find someone who Loves Lahore more than I do (they may love as much as I do, but not more, because it is not possible). You can be born and raised in Lahore and still not be a Lahori, or you can go there as a student and fall in love with the city, its people, its traffic, its makhian (flies), its traffic police guys, Barber shops under a tree, dental clinics under a tree, and the Old box camera photographers who will take your photo and develop it right in front of your eyes with whatever background you like. My favorite is the Shalimar Garden. These are only some the very few things about this city that are enough to make you go out of your mind. I love them all. I remember strolling down the Mall, after buying a "Powva" (a quart or whiskey, when it was legal - and I was way under age then, believe me) and sharing it with a couple of friends and fantasizing about careers in politics. Lahore brought the very best out of us, it made us complete.

            My Dear Moon,

            I am so sorry to hear that you did not get to experience some of the things that I was lucky enough to experience. You can still go back to Lahore and live the days that you missed out. It has changed a bit since my days, but the Lahoriness is still there, which makes this city like no other in the world. I know what you mean by "Lahori LaRkay". In reality they mean no harm. They are just a little frustrated after watching too many Indian movies and realizing that there is so much that they cant do. I guarantee you that if you go to Lahore this time, and try to venture out on your own in the old city, it will be a very pleasant experience. Whatever you do, please don't drive.. take a Rikshaw.


              These are my picks:

              Bashir Darulmahi, Mozang

              Zinger of KFC, Salt n Pepper, McDonalds

              Pizza Hut, NONE other

              Pakistani Food in general:
              Village, Lakshmi, Tabaq, Gawalmandi ki kheer

              Daal Chawal of Lakshmi, Chanay of Lakshmi, Royal Park ka puri Halwa, Phajjay kai paye, Gogo ka 'brain masal', Tabaq ka steam roast.... man I can't go on like this, I am in the US and all these things make me wanna take the next flight back home!

              But there is a lot more that Lahore has to offer. People are great; city of great educational institutions and the heart of the art and culture in Pakistan, if you haven't been to Alhamra you have NOT seen drama as it exists in the contemporary world. Basant is a blast of a day there, Eid are fun, Ramadhan is amazingly mystical. Boy I miss my city


                NY Ahmadi
                I accepted your apology!!!!!!
                No problem.
                Yes I agree with you , you know a lot about Lahori stuff.
                How did you know about khoyey walay kabab in saddar.
                Very few people know about this saddar bazar speciality.
                Also I can visualize shops around Akhbar market, which are really cheap and they sell the same stuff.
                Also Bundo Khan was a nice addition in Lahori food few years back.
                Have nice memories associated with it.
                What about Warris and Muhammadi Nihari.
                Fish is really good at Darrulmahi and there is a Good place in saddar bazar too.
                If you move towards east (Tufail Road), you can not miss it. Try it. It is also one of the specialities of Saddar Bazar too.
                Gannay ka Russ, you can find it all over Lahore, but try to be careful (it should be clean otherwise...................)
                Regal Chat......
                Oh halwa Porri at Royal park and Old Annarkali, one of the favourite breakfast place during College with lot of friends.


                  Few more things.
                  Lawrence Garden
                  One of the few places in Lahore where you
                  can go for a Date in a more Pakistani traditional and conservative way.
                  You cant sit, otherwise one of the Police walla will try to get some money out of you and you have to walk continuously most of the time.
                  Walk at Fortress and Liberty Market.
                  Specially on Chand Raat you can find all the bikes in Lahore at these two places (with a lot of noise).
                  Chooley at Nila Gumbad ( I forgot the name)
                  Its in a galli.
                  Parrathey at Regal chowk. Its at the corner shop of the big plaza.
                  Benazir Kulfa at Old Anarrkali.
                  Chamman Icecream, one of the few places in Lahore where you have to wait all the year around to buy Icecream.
                  And all the Lakshami chowk and around ...........................................

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                    Aisa na karrooo!!!! mujhe sirf abhi 6 months hoye hain lahore se ayee hoye or NYAhmadi yarr , kasam se me sarri jagoon per gaya hoon jin jagoon ka nam liya he.

                    I'll give credit to your great knowledge of lahore .
                    the city of life.
                    the city of passion.
                    the city of love.
                    the city of bhondee.
                    the city of tastes.
                    (the tastes you'll never find any where in the world)

                    I seriously miss lahore, every moment ........the gr8 times with my friends..........

                    tussi ki yaad kara ditta ae...24 number wagon.........Uth Oye......

                    one little and humble addition to your long list...

                    Lohari Gate ke Nan Channe.
                    (kia baat he unn ki)

                    Yarr kuch or batain hi bataoo.
                    Sahi Kaha ( Jinne Lahore Nahi Wakheia ....O Jamaya Ai Nai)

                    UDDASS LAHORI


                      Oye...udaas naa ho yaar...
                      Mainnu waikh...Lahore tow aaye hoay tinn saal langg gaey ney...halley wee sabarr karran deyaa waaN. Koi tey dinn howey gaa jaddoN waapas jawaangey.

                      Hore kuch karna nahi karna...
                      -> chawwee (24) number wagon'ich jaa key Gulberg waaley babey dey khokey dee thandee botall zurrooor peeni aa.

                      -> line wich lagg key, chamann ice-cream zurroor khani aa.

                      -> kothey dey uttey charh key...guddiaaN zurroor urdaaniyaa ney tey paichey shaichey lagaaney ney

                      -> Govt. College dee canteen'ich bey key table bajanneey aa tey aaloo dee paatees auss ketchup-numaa cheez dey naal khaani aa.

                      -> nahr dey saath saath gaddi doraaneey aa

                      -> Gulberg dey phattak towN chappal-kabab

                      -> tey Islampuraa dey aakhri bus-stop tey jaa key charghey khaney ney!!

                      Jinney Lahore nahi waikheay...
                      o jameay hee nahi!!!

                      Let us chaliye !!
                      For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                        You guys forgot one thing lahori Jalebis .
                        I miss lahore so much too, my nani's house, playing hide and seek in the hot summer months. Climbing trees to steal fruit from the neighbors trees. Going out for icecream in the middle of the nite. 10 people squeezing into a small suzuki . Running off to barkat market to eat kulfi when mom specifically said no. Getting eidi and coning the uncles into thinking, they never gave you any . Cousins scaring the heck out of you when the light went out at nights. I miss my lahore


                          Oye key pay karday ho. Lahore sher de key gal aye.
                          No body mentioned PC and its milk shake.
                          It is Phoolay de Canteen in UET and it is pronounced malik shainkh.
                          it is the best in the country not because of the taste but because of the atmosphere.
                          Achtung if you ever go to Rawalpindi go have kulfee in Babu Mohalla and first eat the tikkas next doors. if you want Roh (ganay ka raas) go to Murree Road and if you are in mood of fresh orange juice drive a bit got past engineering University taxila and have the best OJ in Khanpur. If you like samosas go to Karim samosay alla in Sadar and don't forget to eat the burgers at Ceroze cinema.

                          PAINDOO ROLLA


                            Dear Hamid,

                            You are absolutely right that there is so much to see and to do in Lahore that it is practically impossible to do in one lifetime. If I am ever born after I die, I will want to be born in Lahore. I will even trade Lahore for a place in Heavens. I only gave a small sample of Lahori stuff. There is a lot more.

                            Dear Kinkibird

                            Yar, you are so right about Gannay ka Rus (RahoO). I love mine with a little bit of Adruk and lemon.

                            Dear Uth-Oye,

                            Yar tu keyoN udas honda aayN. Please es tra na kar, Asee vee Udas ho javaN gay.

                            Dear Umar Talib,

                            Jigar, you and I have so much in common. I also remember sweating like a pig in buses and wagons. Sometimes, after getting off from the wagons, you couldn't walk straight for a few minutes. It wasn't until I bought a Honda 70 for 8000 rs (now its about 70,000 rs) that I rode in buses and wagons. Yar oh din kadee nahiN bhulan gay, not until I pass away.

                            Dear Felicity,

                            You are right about Jalebis. Sometimes I like mine in the milk and guzzle down the glass in two minutes straight. Jigger, small Suzuki is like owning a Mercedes for a lot of Lahoris. You are not alone who misses Lahore.

                            Dear Rolla,

                            Yar tu sahih keNda aayN. UET and its canteen. I never went to UET as a student but I visited there many times, and they have a good "Malik Shainkh". Do you know "GhoRay Shah", a neighborhood behind the Uni.

                            Dear ChannMahi,

                            Ustad jis wakat kahoo gay usi wailay Tiyar. Lets go now.


                              NYAdmi JI,

                              Aji ap kaya sumjhatay hain kah hum Lahore main drive nahin kar saktay….well! I learnt driving from my Dad in Lahore when I was in grade nine so it has been nearly ten years since I have been driving and I have driven inside Lahore Shaher…so don't worry and I am a very good driver. This time when I went back to Lahore to visit my family…I was a bit afraid of driving on my own as I didn't drive a single car during the past one year in UK….but you know I was amazed by my own driving….I was just the same old driver…I think it is because I haven't been exposed the driving rules in UK.

                              Janab app ghalat hain…these Lahore Larkas are very harmful… Larki nahin hain iss liay app ko kuch andazah nahin hay. Allah buchay in Dewanoan say!!! Ghar tak pohuncha kay aana tu in kay farz main shamil hay….aur petrol eesay jalatay hain jesay Pakistan is self sufficient in Oil.

                              Humain tu app muaf he rakhiay…baree tasalee ker chukay hain.