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Rules for Culture Literature & Linguistics

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    Rules for Culture Literature & Linguistics

    Instructions/Details about Culture, Literature & Linguistics Forum

    CL&L is a forum where we can discuss our cultural heritage. Discussion of dialects, traditions, clothes, ceremonies, folklore and all other things that make us who we are, is welcome. Posting videos and images to aid your discussions is permissible.

    • We can share set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterize an institution, organization or group related to any culture.
    • We can share symbolic thoughts for social learning which integrate a pattern of an individual's knowledge, belief and behavior.
    • We can share "literature" to describe anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific works, works of the creative imagination, including works of poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. Classics, learning, erudition, belles-letters, literary works, written work, writings books.
    • We also can share "literature" to represent a language or a people: culture and tradition, importance in historical or cultural artifact.
    • We can share scientific study of human language: structure, grammar, the formation and composition of words, syntax, etc., and how they are produced and perceived.
    • We also can share the study of language meaning concerned with how languages employ logical structures and real-world references to convey, process and assign meaning, as well as to manage and resolve ambiguity. This sub-field encompasses semantics and pragmatics.
    Common Rules & Policies of Culture, Literature & Linguistics
    1. The context posted by OP should have some topic for discussion enabling other members to discuss.
    2. The work posted on the above discipline should not offend other members and/or a certain group belonging to certain religion or ethnicity.
    3. If discussion includes any image(s) or video(s), they must be uploaded on GS by using GS uploader instead of external links.
    4. All OPs must use relevant parts of the uploaded image(s) or video(s) highlighting point of discussion. Failing to abide will cause thread locked, moved or deleted.
    5. All uploaded image(s) or video(s) must NOT contain nudity. Images containing nudity will be removed, thread locked/moved or deleted and also could be a reason for warning to OP/member(s).
    6. When picture(s) or video(s) is posted by a participant (especially personal picture(s) or video(s), no tempering/editing/modifying of the picture is allowed, without the prior permission of the participant. All the copyright rules are applicable. Any complaints by the participants will be dealt with swiftly. Perpetrators may be penalized with or without warning.
    7. Posters should be aware not to infringe copyright issues.
    8. All criticism and feedback must be in nice manner and not offensive. We are here to enjoy each others work and the work of others, hence, it is important that we avoid personal attacks and deal with our personal issues via PM.
    9. Please avoid flooding and stay on topic while engaging in discussion.

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