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    Rules & Policies of Rangon Kay Shajar

    Rangon Kay Shajar is an Art Forum in which art work from around the world is promoted and appreciated. In order to keep this forum friendly and enjoyable for everyone, the following policies have been created:
    • The images must be upload on GS instead of external links.
    • If there are no images at the time the thread was opened and the thread opener wants to discuss those images, then the thread will be locked until the images are uploaded on GS.
    • The work posted cannot contain nudity. Images containing nudity will be removed and the thread may be locked.
    • The work posted should not offend other members and/or a certain group belonging to certain religion or ethnicity.
    • When a picture is posted by a participant (especially personal pictures) no tempering/editing/modifying of the picture is allowed, without the prior permission of the participant. All the copyright rules are applicable. Any complaints by the participants will be dealt with swiftly. Perpetrators may be penalized with or without warning.
    • The work posted should have some topic which other members can discuss.
    • Posters should acknowledge the actual artist if they are posting someone's paintings.
    • Posters should be aware not to infringe copyright issues.
    • All criticism and feedback must be in nice manner and not offensive. We are here to enjoy each other's work and the work of others, hence, it is important that we avoid personal attacks and deal with our personal issues via PM.
    • This forum is not for selling art work. Hence, if a member is looking to sell his/her art and/or giving information about someone else's artwork, that should be posted in Bazaar Forum and not here.
    • Please avoid flooding and stay on topic while engaging in discussion.
    In addition, we have decided to implement another rule which we hope will be beneficial for other members as well.
    • If a member is posting someone else's work, he/she must include The title of the work and the Artist's name, if it is known. If the member wishes, he/she can post additional information which might be beneficial for others.
    We hope that these rules will be kept in mind while engaging in discussion. We also hope that this forum will serve as a friendly environment and will be a fun experience for everyone, for which this forum was created. Enjoy!
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