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Shame on you Ahmadi

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    Shame on you Ahmadi

    See whats happening to your forum.
    Pythagoras, Chicken Corn Soup and Noodles?

    You can do better than that.

    What happened to topics we used to enjoy, like
    Junkyard Journal
    The Travel Days (chipkali)
    BeRha Shareef

    It's not only restricted here but other forums are deserted too. Corner Room is merely kept alive by our Izzat muaab Pristine bhai who is asking too many questions. I think everybody is on the war front (i.e the World Affairs)

    Since you can't live to be neutral and have to be "either with us or against us" so I will support you.

    Shame Shame Ahmadi


      Pathwari Ji (I have fallen in love with “Ji”, mostly due to Chann “Ji”, but I have also learnt that it is an affectionate way to address your elders (since you are about 9 years older than I am), so Pathwari Ji, I am sorry that you feel that way.

      Tomorrow I am going to meet with renowned film director Mira Nair (Salam Bombay, Kama Sutra fame). I have 2 special guest passes (your Bharjai Ji wouldn’t let me go alone, as there might be some distractions). I wish you could join me. It is a night of Indian Classical Music and Tagore songs to benefit those affected by the tragedy. My Guruji will be accompanying the world famous Sitarist on Tabla, and the evening is sure to blast the sadness away that we are all feeling. I love Indian women.

      I will write about the evening next week, after I get to meet with some of those magnetic women.


        yara Ahmadai,
        This "Ji" is a kind of respect but on the other hand it also creates a distance between two souls. So, dont "Ji" me anymore.

        I agree, it has to be Chann Gee. It just sounds great.
        Btw what do you think of : Oy Chann Oy

        Yara, i dont get it, all these interesting people only visit Amreeka.

        Ke tussan Amreekna doo-he ke mage-oon (honey) laia he?