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Stirfry noodles and Chicken corn soup

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    Stirfry noodles and Chicken corn soup

    I need good recipes

    the last soup i made ended up tasting like ugh cause i didnt put any ajino motto

    Why should we give you? You keep cookin and cookin and never invitin anybody.

    Next time FedEx some to me and i might think it over.

    [This message has been edited by pathwari (edited August 07, 2001).]


      pathwari yara, it's nothing compared to the azeet one goes through having her giving out the recipes without even asking for them.

      Dou haftay say meray peechay parri hoee hai "try my cucumber biryani recipe". What kinda biryani will have cucumbers in it?


        Thats Biryani Down Under Style.

        Yara Roman, seems like all our woman have become waleytee-------->Cucumber Biryani


          ummmmm! noodles ki recipe to mujh ko bhi chahiye. As for Chicken Corn soup......

          Boneless chicken one pound, make cubes
          Keep the bones for Broth or just buy a couple of cans broth
          one egg (achi tarah pehntaa hua)
          Ajino moto MSG
          Soy Sauce
          Corn boiled (I prefer canned)
          Corn flour
          baking Soda

          Well to make the chicken Chinese style marinade it in Corn flour and baking soda and a little MSG for half an hour and then deep fry it. Bil the yakhni add soy Sauce, corn Ajino moto and salt to taste. Add the chicken and then mix corn flour in a cup of water and then add it the Yakhni. Keep stirring till it thinckens a little. Then Put the Anda in. Make sure it is well Scrambled. Soup tayaar!


            Alibeta i will try out that recipe its kinda different but looks promising

            k here is the problem
            I went to a friend's house and she had made the soup
            it tasted like the soup in pakistan

            but when i tried making it, it just tasted horrible
            the only difference is that according to her, she had put 3 teaspoons of Ajino Moto
            and i had put just a chutki
            cause Ajino Moto is not good for the body

            K everyone i dont mind your versions of the soup and the noodles but out with em

            Can you tell i just bought a brand new chamkeeli chamkeeli si wok and cant wait to try out stirfrys in it

            and Roman , donot insult my Biryani
            its unique and mine cause i invented it
            and i will make you try it one of these days

            Pathwari, you send me some of that dutch cheese and biryani is on the way


              Do you really think that i'm a stupid paindoo. Send ur biryani first, i know ur kind.
              This way its also a guarantee towards Faisal.Otherwise he'll accuse me of sending his wifey Gouda.


                My choti-bhbahi makes the world's best Chicken corn soup and she uses no Ajino Moto....I know that for sure cuz she doesn't even have it in the house.

                I will ask her for the recipe and post it for you.....gimme a couple of days.....


                  Darn I just eldest bhabhi...being of the Philippines....makes the world's best Stir Fry noodles.

                  I will have to call her and ask her to email the recipe to me. She's gonna kill me cuz I've watched her make them so many times that I should know the recipe myself.


                    Hey guys.. what is "Ajino Moto" is it another name for msg...?


                      Muzna, aur bhi koi bhabhi rah gayee heiN to uss ka bhi bata deiN, hum sab hama tan gosh heiN.



                        When someone asks me for a recipe for perogies, I will surely introduce another bhabhi of mine.


                          What are perogies?


                            Romeo, Perogis are Polish Samosays boiled or fried. You wouldn’t like it.



                              my chamkeeli chamkeeli brand new wok is screaming out to be used

                              yes Rani Ajino Moto is another name for Msg
                              err k i think

                              i am in such a nonflaming mood these days
                              dunno what happened
                              the cold has frozen my flaming genes