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Terrorism :Greatest Danger To Islam & Muslims

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  • sanam
    Terrorism is alien to Islam
    \By K. Hamza,

    The spate of terrorist activities unleashed by some fanatical miscreants and extremists in the garb of ‘Islam’ in some parts of the world has extensively damaged the image of Islam, the religion of peace. Some Muslim organizations, under the leadership of self-appointed custodians of Islam, with their narrow and myopic interpretation of the Qur'an and Sunna, are being misguided and pushed to indulge in ‘Islamic Terrorism,’ a term coined by the western media.

    The Qur'an and Sunna, the tradition of the Prophet, explicitly urge the believers to refrain from violence and aggression. Every chapters of the Qur'an starts with the words: ‘In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful’. The core concept of Islam is peace. Islam emphasizes that Muslims must eschew brutality and extremism in the pursuit of their legitimate rights. The means and the ends should be equally justifiable and reasonable within the precepts of Islamic teaching. Regrettably, hate and mistrust have taken over in the Islamic world where love and piety once reigned.

    It is worth noting and pondering the following verses of the Qur'an which is the first source of inspiration for Muslims:
    * ‘Fight for the sake of Allah those that fight against you, but do not attack them first. Allah does not love the aggressors’ (2:190).
    * ‘Whosoever killed a person, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever gave life to one, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind’ (5:32).
    * ‘And good and evil are not alike. Repel evil with that which is best. And lo, he between whom and thyself was enmity will become as though he were a warm friend’ (41:34).

    Now let us take Sunna or the sayings and life of the Prophet, upon whom be peace. The Prophet said, ‘No one amongst you should point a weapon towards others, for he does not know that satan might cause the weapon to injure someone and then he may fall into hell fire.’

    A person happened to come to the mosque in Madinah with arrows and the iron-ends were exposed. Thereupon the Prophet told him to take hold of their pointed heads so that they may not do any harm to others. In another occasion, the Prophet saw a person giving training in archery to his son by targeting a hen. The Prophet advised the parent not to use any living being as a target for such training. Kindness and mercy to animals are most important. Once the disciples asked the Prophet whether they would reeceive any reward if they fed or saved any animal’s life. He replied that they will be rewarded by God if they feed and rescue any living being. In another instance, the Prophet told us that a woman would be thrown into hell because of a cat which she had confined it in a room until it died due to lack of food and water, while a sinner woman would be pardoned by God because she gave water to a thirsty dog standing near a well from which she drew water for it. ‘One, who is not merciful to others, will not be treated mercifully,’ said the Prophet. All these teachings clearly indicate that Islam does not foster cruelty and animosity. Islam stands for peace and love towards human beings and animals.

    But, alas, where do present-day Muslims stand? The fire-breathing exhortation of some virulent clerics in some Muslim countries to wage Jihad (holy war) has infused an ardent desire in some stupid, bigoted, fanatical, ignoramus and desperate psychopaths to embrace ‘martyrdom.’ They are under the spell of a collective hysteria and insane fury. They also act as human bombs with explosives strapped around their bodies. Strangely enough, some Muslim scholars do not view such acts as suicide and further, they have given sanction to such horrendous acts as a part of Jihad. They also use vehicle-laden explosives and blow up public buildings, market places, shopping complexes and houses indiscriminately, maiming and killing innocent people. Hijacking planes or blocking traffic on roads, causing harassment to innocent passengers are other methods adopted by terrorists. Could any Muslim scholar quote any proof from the Qur'an and Sunna in support of such terrorist acts?.

    Such acts of religious fanatics give much grist to the media, hostile to the Muslim countries, to churn out propaganda against Islam.

    A question may naturally may arise here: What about the uprising of Muslims against their corrupt regimes which persecute them just because of their religion and human rights? Remember, Islam approves self-defence which is not an offence. Look at the uprising of the Palestininan people against the Zionist occupiers. The Palestinians have been ousted from their homeland and deprived of their properties and human rights. They target their occupier and its its staunch supporter, the USA. Muslims are duty-bound to support their struggle for retrieving their homeland and rights through peaceful means or through armed struggle. All Arab and Muslim countries should co-operate in this matter and extend full support with money and material, to the Palestinian struggle.

    In the past five decades, the terrorist political thought first emerged in the West Asian countries in the wake of the zionist oppression of the Palestinians. Hizbullah and other groups attacked Israel and the US military bases. In retaliation, Israel and the US indiscriminately bombed Palestinians and Lebanese territories killing civilian population. Such heinous acts of the US and Israel were not viewed as ‘terrorism’ by the Western media. In the late 1970s, in a bid to undermine the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the CIA and the rebel factions triggered terrorist activities to uproot the regime of the mullas. The same happened in Algeria too. The mercenary 'Islamic terrorists', recruited by the Paris-based rebel factions, launched a series of massacres and cowardly terrorist acts in Algeria, to undermine the efforts of forming an Islamic government by the Islamic Salvation Front (ISF), the Islamic political party which won landslide victory in the general election in the early 1990s. The US and the western countries, particularly France, loathed and feared Islamic revivalism in Muslim countries which were under their domain and therefore they robbed the ISFof the fruits of a fair elections although these countries do not tire preaching us about hte virtues of ‘democracy’.

    In modern times, the US is acting as the sole super power. The humiliating debacle of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan further strengthened this attitude of the US. Washington perceives the Islamic militancy as a threat to its global dominance. The CIA and other international secret agencies finance some outfits and recruit unemployed youths in order to engage them in terrorist acts and promote international terrorism under the camouflage of ‘Muslim extremists’ in a bid to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims so that Islam may lose public support and credibility in waging actual Jihad against oppressors and occupiers. The ruling elites in some Muslim countries are corrupt and indulge in un-Islamic practices mimicking western culture. They instigate fratricidal and sectarian clashes in the Muslim countries where Muslims are gunned down even inside mosques. This is an outrageous violation of the sanctity of the mosques: ‘And who kills a believer intentionally, his reward shall be Hell wherein he shall abide’ (Qur'an 4:93). Driven by an insane fury, these ‘Muslim extremists’ unleash on their victims barbaric atrocities such as rape and mutilation of women and children. Intelligence agencies in nexus with their corrupt regimes are covertly playing their nefarious roles in such grisly acts, under the façade of ‘Muslim extremists’.

    Jihad is to be first aimed at one's own self-purification. It means one should fight the enemy within himself and then turn to rectify others' faults. This is the first step of Jihad, said the Prophet. q

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  • sanam
    started a topic Terrorism :Greatest Danger To Islam & Muslims

    Terrorism :Greatest Danger To Islam & Muslims

    Terrorism: greatest danger toIslamandMuslims
    By Maulana Akhlaq Hussain Qasmi

    Muslims staying in USA
    Young men born in the US and having religious sentiments are becoming difficult to control and keep under check. They may also probably adopt the course of terrorism. It is feared that action against such youngmen may be taken at governmental level. They have implicated a Muslim in the explosion that took place in the World Trade Centre. The well-known American magazine Newsweek has said, or rather declared throughout the world, that this is the handiwork of some Muslims. Another magazine, Time has said that investigations are going on and nothing can be said authoritatively. It is quite possible that this explosion might have been done by Jews because Zionist forces are very much afraid of the growth of the Muslim ‘fundamentalism’ in the US. They are noticing that centres of fundamentalist Muslims are already established in the US and assistance is being provided to Muslim countries from here. It is said that immigrant Muslims of the US are rendering all kinds of help and assistance, moral as well as financial, to Hamas activities in Palestine. From this point of view it is feared that local population of the US may take some steps against Muslims. But if US Muslims adopt the course of terrorism, the consequences for Islamic movements at the international level will be very harmful and dangerous. Because of this I have taken such a long time and given so much importance to it. Now I wish to describe in detail three points clearly in this connection:

    Success of terrorism
    The first thing is that success is not possible through terrorist methods. This method is successful only in those places where, because of some foreign aggression, occupation armies have to devote their entire attention and resources to meet the foreign incursion and cannot pay full attention towards internal conflict and terrorist activities. Or if the supply line of these armies is very long, in which case it may be disrupted through terrorist or guerrilla activities. But this method is never successful against national armies or national governments. The outstanding example of this is that of Vietnam where a super power like the US failed because its status in Vietnam was that of an occupation army. Its supply lines were very long, i.e., all the way from the US to Vietnam, a distance of thousands of miles. Therefore, it was defeated against the Vietnamese resistance. The second example is that of Algeria. People of Algeria waged guerrilla warfare against France and won. They succeeded because the French army was not a national army; rather it was an occupation army. Her supply lines were stretched and hence France faced defeat in Algeria and the Algerian movement succeeded. Therefore, it proves that this method succeeds only at such places where (1) foreign armies are occupants, and (2) supply lines of these armies are long.

    Failure of terrorism
    This method is not successful against national armies. This may be noted that an important reason for the success of the Mujahideen against Russia in Afghanistan was that Russians had come from a foreign land which made the local population stand up against them with full force. And secondly, a super power at that time was at the back of the Afghans and the Mujahideen were receiving full assistance from this superpower.

    One reason for the success of the jihad in Algeria at that time was that the US was backing freedom movements throughout the world in those days after the second world war. Even though it might not have been actively helping but freedom movements throughout the world were getting moral support from the US. In India’s independence also American support was there. It pressurized Britain to free India and this proved decisive. Even then the struggle and sacrifices made here have their own importance and nobody can deny this fact. Any foreigner or anyone will say good words about you only when you yourselves will be prepared to lay down your lives.

    These were some examples where freedom movements succeeded by adopting terrorist methods. Now I am giving the example of failure.

    Freedom Movement of Palestine
    An important example in this connection is that of the PLO and Al-Fatah. The fact is that these Palestinian groups have gone to such an extent in terrorist activities and they have performed such great feats that are probably unparalleled in the world. Not only their menfolk, even their women have performed great feats. But in spite of all this, why did they fail? The reason is that Jews had come and settled down in Israel and the mutual Palestinian-Jewish conflict became a local phenomenon. If our Palestinian brethren would have stood up and faced the Jews when they were being brought from neighbouring and far off places and settled down here, then they could have succeeded. But now Jews have already settled down in Israel and the struggle of Palestinians is not against any foreign occupation army but against an internal government. The results of these should be borne in mind. These contain a great lesson for us.

    Terrorism and the Sunnah
    Most important thing for us is that this method of terrorism is not the way of Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah, upon whom be peace.This will be described in detail when we shall discuss the prophetic revolution in a positive manner. Here only this much is to be said that there is no possibility of success by following this method.

    The second important thing is that a very harmful effect of this method will be that terrorism and fundamentalist Islamic movements throughout the world will become synonymous words, if they are not already in the process of becoming synonymous. Hence enemies of Islam will have moral justification to crush Muslims. As a matter of fact, anything enjoying moral justification carries much weight. The effects of anything done without moral justification are very much different from things carried out under moral justification.

    Disrepute of Jihad in God’s way
    The biggest crime of this thought, in my view, is that we put the label of ‘jihad in the way of God’ on such wrong activities. Billions of rupees collected in this way are spent for disruptive activities and groups. This to my mind, is a very big crime. This is simply bringing bad name to Islam and misuse of pious and holy words of ‘jihad in the path of God.’ Literally every struggle is a jihad, no doubt. But Jihad in the path of God is something else and its terms and conditions are different. Jihad in the way of God will take the form of a battle only if certain conditions are fulfilled. First of all, some such persons should already exist who, by their character and outward appearance, should look like true slaves of God. Without this, it is simply bringing bad name to Jihad. Again, owing allegiance to an Ameer, political ruler, is a necessary pre-condition for carrying out a jihad for the sake of God. Just as salaat cannot be offered without ablution, in the same way jihad cannot be termed a jihad without these preconditions. But we put the seal of ‘jihad’ on every conflict, with the result that we have taken up the challenge of bringing bad name to the Islamic concept of jihad.

    Defence of life and property
    Our struggle to defend life and property against robbers and terrorists is separate from Jihad and a Muslim killed during or as a result of of such defence is also a martyr, because the Prophet, pbuh, has said that a person who is killed while defending his goods, honour and property is also a martyr. Death by accident or epidemics too is martyrdom. The Prophet, pbuh, said that death by intestinal diseases is also martyrdom. But there is a lot of difference between such martyrdom and that resulting from jihad for the sake of God. The whole life of a Muslim is Jehad and his death is martyrdom. He has to lead his life as a witness to God. As I have stated, there are very strict conditions for jihad in the path of God and fighting for His cause.

    From the point of view of the present standards of power, it is not a matter of religiosity or wisdom to create a spirit of jihad among the powerless sections. Even if we Muslims perform jihad, we do so by obtaining arms and money from Europe and America. When this kind of help stops, we become involved in inner conflicts for sharing power as in Afghanistan.

    Referring to a poem by Allama Iqbal, Dr Israr has mentioned a fable concerning Iblees and a man which is very instructive: ‘In this connection I remember a couplet of Allama Iqbal in which he has spoken about Satan’s implorations to God. Addressing God, Satan says to Him: ‘O God this Man is nothing compared to me. I see no strength or power at all in him. He is simply a small stock of hay. A single spark from me is sufficient to reduce him to ashes’:
    ‘Ibn-e-Adam cheest? Yak musht-e-khak ast
    Mushte-e-khak ra yak sharara az mun bus ast’

    The purpose for which I have referred to this poem is apparent in the second line.
    (concluded) q