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How much have you changed?

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    How much have you changed?

    I guess this question is directed to the desis living outside of the country. How much have you changed and/or adapted to the western environment? ie: attire, styles of food, language usage within friends/family, preferences for traditional values, etc?

    It's a broad question so answers like such won't be scrutinized

    I dont know..what part is change from usual and what part is due to just growing as a person. I suppose I continue to become less ethnocentric, and more open to other cultures, music, food, art and festivals.

    I guess I value my privacy and my personal time more than I used to. But in all honesty, I dont know how i would have been different if I had grown up in Pakistan.

    I guess this may apply more to people who moved from pakistan as adults and had developed personalities by then.
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      I think I havent changed a lot. I still wear shalwar kameez on daily bases, prefer to eat desi food and cook myself and speak urdu/punjabi with my desi friends.

      I am not indo-phobic anymore, thats a major change. hmmm but I still dunk biscuits in my tea I havent changed much.


        Originally posted by who---me:
        cook myself .
        very interesting who_me!

        I can't answer this question because this is question is not applicable to my life, since I didn't live there.


          I never lived in pakistan but i did live in Dubai for 10 yrs before moving so i think this counts. In looks, if u compare my pics to the present, I have done a lot of improving. Also...I have actually become more desi...i never used to wear shalwar kameez, eat desi food, listen to desi music, watch indian movies, go to melas, etc. I like melasa and concerts the best Yeah my thinking might have changed since i dont agree on with my parents on almost everything.


            i have to agree that i have changed a lot..but i have always to grasp the positive points of the two cultures.. i am more multicultural now..

            I do wear shalwar kameez as well as soon as i get home, i have to wear my comfy shalwar home we eat a mixture of food..but roti curry veg lentils and rice are must as well..those who can understand urdu i speak urdu to them and those who speak english i speak english to them..for usuage of words i always try to speak general words..i refrain myself to speak any slang or bad words..whether its english or urdu.

            In short physically i haven't changed much but personality wise i have changed drastically..


              I would be worried if i never changed.In belief,& core values either family or general moral ,i HAVE NOT CHANGED, & DONT WANT TO.

              Life is education ,& we learn every day .If we wont incorporate what we learn,education & learning would become boring & useless.Wouldnt it ??


              Woh afsaana jise anjaam tak, laana na ho mumkin
              Use ek KHoobsoorat moR dekar, chhoRna achha