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The Yellow Thing

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    The Yellow Thing

    A Serbian colleague of mine is getting married this coming Saturday. Last week, she looked a bit worried as I could see that pale yellow colour on her face. I felt that something was wrong so I asked her what was wrong and she said she doesn't know. It's just the feeling that she can't express. I said to her that if I had a camera then I will take picture of her and then show her after she gets married. It made her laugh and everytime she met me in the office she started laughing whenever I saw her coz she imagined her picture with a yellow face.

    Anyhow, I know that in the Asian culture we have something called mayooN when girls wear yellow dress and all that. Is that due to the fact that girls are afraid so to hide all this they are covered in yellow colour so that no one can see what their face look like or is there any other reason?

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    As far as I know we use ubtan which contains haldi as a beauty aid. I never used it but my sister in law who got married back home told me that one months' use of ubtan did marvellous things to her skin.


      Originally posted by Shirin:
      marvellous things to her skin.
      Thanks for the info

      I was curious as this ubtan is used to hide the fact that the girl is a bit yellowish or what is the history behind using ubtan.

      Btw, is ubtan also called mayiooN?


        The bride is supposedly gonna have more 'roop' on her face after all the ubtan put it more bluntly, its supposed to make you 'fair'. hehehe
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          I dunno much bout ubtan
          it was icky and yucky and gooey and wet

          but the yellow color and makeup has significance

          yellow is a good base
          usually in party, bridal or theatrical makeups the skin is first covered in a yellow base (yellow foundation)
          the makeup is then applied because it gives the skin a even tone
          and the makeup just looks fantabulous