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Do Brides still have to look down?

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    Do Brides still have to look down?

    You guys gave me your expert opinions on the last topic, so now you have to answer this one as well!

    My mother had her head turned way down on her wedding, my sister had hers down most of the time, my other sister had hers down for only part of the time. What's the growing trend? Are we soon going to turn into non-sharmili brides?
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    Well depends on yur family envronment. and the grooms family as weel..

    My choti api looked down all the time. Bari api was greeting all the guests on valima cuz her hubby wanted that....

    So depends on the family


      yes now its becoming more informal environment.. but some dulhans ko men ne aankhen matkate hue dekha he.. seems aukward though
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        If i wouldn't look down this is wat i would do
        waisey u r right the trend is changing and it depends on girls who---me not family
        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


          catz, with all these wedding threads being posted up, i'z getting hints.

          so when are you inviting me? (yes, the invitation could be via email )


            oh nahi xcommi, no such thing!! its pure coincidence

            yeah, i think it depends on the girl !
            A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


              ohoo depends

              I had to keep mine buried somewhere in my peela duppatta througout the mayoon and mehndi
              till the day of the wedding
              thats lets see 3 days of hiding my face from all admi log
              Dadi amma said 'Roop nahi aai ga'

              rukhsati walay din it was all fun
              just had to keep the head down and pretend to be extremely sharmeeli
              which was good cause me and faisal were whispering and nudging each other sitting on the stage

              On the Valima, basically Me and Faisal were the host
              There was no stage
              First we were at the door greeting guests
              then faisal took me around from table to table introducing every single khandan ka admi and aurat and bachay

              me going now grabbing faisal and watching our wedding vdos again


                I think I'd like to look down and act sharmeeli occasionally....

                On the walima I like the idea of gretting the guests...

                On weddings I like it when the bride gets all sharmeeli and laughs when the dulha whispers in her ears - Id like to kow what he says to her!!
                Guess Ill have to wait my turn!


                  To me a sharameli Dulhan is way more graceful!!
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                    Cat, one thing is for sure, ur husband will deffinitely be looking down. I am not sure about you though.


                      mangelo, I'll be able to judge where u look on your wedding since u were so kind enough to invite me. I have a feeling you will be looking at the cieling.
                      A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                        Depends on the dulha & family in our culture.
                        The last two shadis that I went to had dulhan's head down on the wedding day & on valima day, one was greeting guests with her hubby & the other one was sitting happily on the stage, chatting & looking around.


                          Catty kiya yaad dila diya, hai!!!

                          Ok when I went from t/ U.S. to Pakistan to get married (2 yrs this July Inshallah) I did'nt think I wud be sharmeeli @ all, cuz we kindda knew each other from before. We had a joint Mehndi, and Godd I just cud not look up @ all. I really and truly felt shy! no acting, Such mooch!

                          Infact t/ next day everybody was teasing me about it kay "acting achii kartii ho" or "trying to be goody two shoes eh?" when I comlained about my neack ache. But t/ truth was I was NOT pretending.

                          Same for my wedding day. People were surprised that even my saas among others said "lag hii nahii rahaa kay dulhan America say aaii hay, yahaan kii bhii aaj kal itni nahi jhooktii hain!"

                          Except fot t/ individual portraits where t/ photgrapher keeps nagging you to look up and smile (my cousins did a good job of cracking me up w/ their silly jokes!) all my photos including t/ ones up on t/ stage w/ my hubby, Iam looking down in t/ Mehndi and wedding ceremonies, and believe me, they have all come out very classy and traditional kay even I love them and that's saying a lot, cuz I am usually my worst critic!.

                          Valima, I was much relaxed and not so shy. Initially, I was still feeling shy, but then when I was being introduced to everyone I kindda got over t/ sharmeeli feeling.

                          But you are right I have seen a lot of wedding photos since my my own, and noticed that girls are no longer looking down, or sharmeeli whatso ever!

                          Like my hubby teases me, "saaray zamaanay kii sharam aap ko jo agaii thii!" It was beautiful