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    Nose Piercing

    Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
    ....there are scores of Laws in Judaism, as a matter of fact, most Law-heavy religion in the world. Believe it or not there is a Law on how to dress your Ass. And which side of the nose of your animal is to be pierced.

    Saw this in another section under another topic....but seeing as I was repeatedly told not to pierce my nose by my Ammi because, "It is a sign of slavery and animals' noses are pierced for the purpose of leading them.", I am a bit intrigued.

    NYAhmadi, would you be so kind as to enlighten me on this law that you mention in your comment?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It is said, that wearing jewellery is a sign of slavery
    payals, choorian and haaar

    so basically then what does this prove?
    or does it prove anything?

    alrite nobody laugh acha
    but my susar has his nose and his ears pierced
    His parents were losing babies after he was born, so they were told to peirce his nose and ears and thats what his parents did
    now he has 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister

    Now is that jahalat or a strong belief in such rituals?

    no he doesnot wear balian and naak ki keel

    but really if seen in that way that wearing or having your nose pierced is a sign of slavery then wearing payals is a sign of slavery too
    wearing choorian is a sign of slavery too
    wearing haars is a sign of slavery too

    cause all of these 3 jewellery items can be identified with chains around feet, hands and neck



      A: One of my cuz wears a earing all the time, couse b4 he was born the parents sohed (i think that wat u call it) that wen they ave a baby they'll keep a earing on him/her.. well somethin like that

      Piercin nose sigh of slavery 1st i heard, well my mom told me not to peirce my nose couse they said it did'nt look good on kids.


        hehehe poor thing
        i am lucky i guess
        mummy had just introduced and learnt this piercing thingie at her salon

        so i had my ears pierced 3 times and nose only once

        then I got bored with this whole business when mummy wouldnt lemme have a belly button ring


          Originally posted by Anchal:
          then I got bored with this whole business when mummy wouldnt lemme have a belly button ring
          arent peirced belly buttons the rage these days... can you imagine peircing a cows belly button to
          lead it!

          "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched...but are felt in the heart."


            Muzna, I don’t know much about the background of such laws, but I have learned and read is that Judaism is a very law-heavy religion (as well as race). The Hebrews practiced customs much earlier than Moses gave them the commandments of God. Those traditions later became part of the Judaic Legal system. In loose terminology it is called “Halacha”. There are “Noahide” (also called “Noachian” Laws), which are basically 7 biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before they were reveled to Moses (the first commandments as prohibitions against murder, robbery, adultery, idolatry, blasphemy, and to establish courts of justice). In addition to common civil laws, there are various branches, e.g., matrimonial laws or the dietary laws (called Kashurat). I was once glancing thru a volume of Talmud and I came across lots of funny Laws, “nose piercing of animals” was one of them, and the other was How to dress your Ass (donkey) properly. It read (I will have to re-read it again but here’s what I remember) – 2 arm length of wool covering side to side before midday sun. I think it had to do with the desert heat and to ensure comfort for the animal, as Donkeys were the most favored mode of transportation. The Law indicated that the nose piercing of the animal must be done (some distance away from the mouth, I can’t recall how far away) so that it will not interfere with the animal eating. These laws make a lot of sense to me.

            I am not sure if there are any Jewish Laws about nose piercing in humans. I will ask my good friend who happens to know a lot about Talmudic laws and his father is a Rabbi.

            One more thing you might find interesting is that scholars view the Noahide Laws as a link between Judaism and Christianity, as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept in international law, or as a guarantee of fundamental human rights for all. In another thread a point was raised that there is basically no ‘complete’ separation between Church and State if the fundamental basis of Western system is Judio-Christian laws. It is a very long debate and I would rather discuss that in proper place and in proper context.

            Go and get your nose pierced, don’t worry about what your Mom says. Tell her Moses told you so.


              Isloo oh sure they are
              thats why the very first thing i did after getting married was to get a belly ring

              its a lil gold ring with a indian cut garnet in it


                nose rings look kewl if you do it right..i.e. right kinda nose ring on a right kinda nose.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Did it hurt Anchal?

                  Plus dont you find it irritating?

                  My friend had it done, and it caused her skin problems, so she had to take it out.

                  I was only allowed to pierce my ears once, and no one encouraged me about my nose, so I havent had it done, though have been thinking about it for some time.

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                    I want my belly button pierced

                    its the first thing I'm gonna do when I get married, cos my mum'll freak!!!


                      I asked this question out of curiosity for the subject matter that NYAhmadi had presented in another thread.

                      With regard to my nose......well, I defied my mother a long time ago. When I got married I had to put that nath in and the next day my nose was so sore that I couldn't put my keel back the piercing healed up and closed.

                      Last Saturday I decided it needed to be pierced again.....and so.....snap....the deed was done.


                        Mariah did it hurt?
                        there are eight piercings in my body with stuff hanging off it ...wait i dont wear anything in my nose anymore

                        so say seven piercings which have stuff hanging off it

                        all of em done by the gun except the belly ring ...ouch

                        the gun goes khatak and there all done
                        keep pouring the antiseptic solution for one week and you wont have any ummm whats the word inflamation ?

                        and always wear gold, even silver can cause reactions to the sensitive skin

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                          It may be of interest to know ,that i may have pierced atleast 1000 pair of ears,&may be 500 noses.

                          When i was in training ,in residency,i needed extra money from the stipend which was not enough for trips back home & car etc.

                          In chicago the law was( may be its still) ,that licensed physician can only do it.Although its not true for all states in USA.That law may be gone by know ,im talking couple years ago
                          I used stapler like gun,&they gave me almost 10$ for each he he he easy money.
                          I have never done that since then,b/c paedreticians do that .


                          barque(bijli) yoon akadti hai apne karname pe ke
                          jaise phir naya hum aashiyaan bana nahi sakte


                            Originally posted by Anchal:

                            there are eight piercings in my body with stuff hanging off it ...wait i dont wear anything in my nose anymore

                            so say seven piercings which have stuff hanging off it
                            So yur one of those aussies......!!

                            Where do you fit 7 piercings??

                            two ears..belly button..upper lip...lower lip..thats 5.....eye brow??? .... tongue????!!



                              I had both my ears pierced this summer. I had hoops on them for about 3 months. But then it just phased out. So I dont wear them anymore. But it was cool while it lasted. But then I gotta go see my parents too this summer. I cant imagine the look on their face seeing me with an earings on each ear.