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Punjabis in Sindh

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    Punjabis in Sindh

    I am from inner Sindh near MirPur Khas, a bit north of Hyderabad. Prior to Pakistan my grandparents were in Indian Punjab, and after the partition they settled for a few years in Pakistan Punjab. Because most of the population was settled in Punjab and the chances of acquiring land were slim, they decided to move a bit south, and hence they settled in inner sindh. Over there, they were able to acquire land much more easily since that area was not populated nor cultivated.

    My grandparents went back to Punjab and convinced many other punjabi families to move to sindh. Now they have a very big community of punjabis where we live, i would say probably 20 gaaon(goth/pinds) are pure punjabi and the gaaons are well spread out. My grandparents are now very well established Alhamdulilah, with their land and businesses running well.

    My question: whenever someone asks me where i am from in pakistan, i say "sindh" and then they say "but aren't you punjabi" I don't understand whats so unusual about that??
    Save Pakistan.


    Hi ,
    Are u really Taurus?

    I think you should be very proud of yourself.

    Untill unless we mix in nonsegregated living areas,we will never feel as one.Im glad that your forfathers had the conficdence & trust in sindhi to do so & it was the trust well hiored by local sindhis as you yourself attest to growth of your & other punjabi families.
    I have had the same experience of growing up in a 'NOT my MOTHER tongue' state of the same country.Although i m fluent in local language ,we still speak a different language at home.I see no harm in this ,because ,vernaculars are not the medium of govt nor technical education ,for which all use ENGLISH.
    I like most other foreign languages more than mine own ,b/c its different sound exotic,& helps in making new friends.
    AS for what yu should call yourself ,"when in rome ,do as the romans do"
    Among punjabi you can be punjabi since you are versed in it too,& when back home ,among Sindhi let them feel that you are them SINDHI ,too.No body wants to be discriminated as opposed to be INCLUDED .And you would not be lying too!


    Woh afsaana jise anjaam tak, laana na ho mumkin
    Use ek KHoobsoorat moR dekar, chhoRna achha


      aahh its been more than 50 years.....Lets get over it now..... who cares if yur sindhi or punjabi..... only idiots do...


        Originally posted by who---me:
        aahh its been more than 50 years.....Lets get over it now..... who cares if yur sindhi or punjabi..... only idiots do...

        why?? u r no longer sindhi or punjabi or what?? in fact, if u r sindhi, u r sindhi from 2000 yrs, if u r punjabi, u r so for 1000 yrs.


          Sehar, to me it sounds like you are from both Punjab and Sindh. One does not necessarily need to be exclusively from one region depending on birth and upbringing factors. Haven't you heard Fraudia telling us he's from all over the world since he moved from here and there to there and here?


            FYI: its a good point you bring up...i remember it was a bit difficult for the punjabis in the beginning, especially during local elections as well as the national level ones. There was hostility, but now it seems to have calmed down a bit, a good sign and just to point out, my mamoo (also in sindh) recently ran for local elections and he was elected. So slowly gradually its changing.

            Almost all of my relatives living in sindh are very fluent in sindhi, sometimes unless they spoke punjabi, one wouldn't be able to distinguish the difference. I tried to learn sindhi but i came here at an early age so whatever i knew, i no longer remember.

            who--me: you lost me there

            Roman: yeah i remember the famous Fraudz bhai having come from all over the place. And i agree one doesn't need to be exclusively from one region to identify themselves as either one ethnic group or the other. Same as saying I am punjabi and I live in New York, but "you are punjabi, aren't you?"
            Save Pakistan.


              Sehar, yes, I'm a Punjabi, and yes, that automatically qualifies me being one of those unrefined people. Like I said, it depends on various factors like birth, upbringing, cultural influence, etc etc.

              I have met many people who were born in US but there parents were from Punjab. Those people speak thaith Punjabi, participate in Punjabi customs, and have that particular influence in their upbringing. At the same time they do go to ball game and eat hot dogs, drink beer, and hoot for Yankees. To me, they both Punjabi and New Yorkers.


                I can understand why you would wanna know the answer to such questions. It is more of a matter of narrowing down your identity. From your post it seems like you understand your background pretty well but you wanna make it easier for others to understand it. Right? duh! So what if it takes you two sentences to explain rather than saying " ji I'm miR puRRi :-p"
                Actually I like people who have a diverse background....I find they are more aware of subjects like culture and tradtions because they can relate to it easily. I wanted to date a girl who had a spanish, german and French background but things didn't work out cuz I'm Just from lahore huh! ;-p



                  >>...girl who had a spanish, german and French background

                  I'm really interested in knowing how the heck did that happen?


                    Roman if Tiger woods can be black and Asian then give me some credit that I found some one within Europe. Only if my grand parents had contacts in JaraN wala and Sargodhay...I would have dated this girl on equality basis...