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    Johny's hug animations reminded me how the women folk on our side of the world hug each other when they meet after some time. They would hug by embracing twice such that their necks and heads are on one side and then on the other side of the shoulder. This is common practice in Punjab, parts of Haryana and other surrounding areas. I have not seen women from south or other parts of India hug like that.
    How do women in Pakistan hug each other? I think that is mostly muslim cultural influence on us.
    Men usually shake hands or hug once with a tight japhi stronger one lifting the weaker one.
    Any more details about hugging?


    Well among Pakistani women the trend is to kiss each other on both cheeks. It's not really hugging and I find it quite fake actually, but one has to do the socially acceptable thing. When it comes to my girl friends, we give big tight hugs whenever we meet. I don't think we should hug just anyone, but some people do and I find that strange.
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      Before Roman, Johny and NYA barge in and TOTALLY DESTROY this topic... let me add that you forgot to mention that kissing noise which these women make when their heads are on each other's shoulder (and its not on the cheek as far as I know, cz they can't smear their lipstick).

      In Pak, the moderns do something very similar. I am not aware of the country-side culture in this regard. Men embrace three times on Eid day and thats about it, unless you have met a dear friend after a long time.

      ps. Spot on about the "stronger one trying to pulp the ribs of the weaker one" bit about men. Gosh!

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        Chann ji, it's pretty much the same both in men's and women's cases.

        However, it's kinda different in men and women hugging. That's a different ball game.

        Pristine, kiyoN badnaam kar rahay ho? Johny aur Ahmadi nay kia bigara hai tumhara?


          Male greetings..

          Handshake, followed by one, two or three hugs, depending on how close u are to the person, alternating shoulders in case of multiple japhies, followed by a closing handshake.

          Female greetings..

          if no lipstick, then one hug and one kiss on the cheek.
          If lipstick, then a couple of hugs, and an air kiss.


            In my pind, for both males and females, Jhappi is very common way of greeting, the length of the Jhappi depends on the length of time passed between seeing one another. Jhappi and Judai (separation) are directly correlated. Sometimes, I feel like not seeing some people for a long time, specially some women in my Pind. Even when I see them only after a couple of days, I tell them what a long time has it been. I think, I am just full of love and compassion. Chann Ji be prepared for an uplifting experience.


              Well I just saw this one, I am leaving for New orleans. I'll reply to guys when I am back.

              Till than Hugs to everybody and I love u to. I meet you guys, be prepared for shocks and painfull meeting, don't forget to bring some pain killers with you......


                >> be prepared for shocks and painfull meeting

                Ahmadi yaar, tooN kee maseebat gallay pava ditti ay? ay tay hooneiN tooN darra riya ay, ainHoN tooheiN mil, meiN tay naee milna.


                  Gosh.. has no one heard of smear proof colourstay lipsticks?

                  i like this topic.. i get confused when you have to hug aunties... what's it gonna be? once, twice? or thrice? like... can't they specify before they hug?

                  kidding. With's giant big hugs..with aunties... umm..a light embrace

                  and with my mom...i just don't let go. my dad always asks.. hajj karnay ja rahi ho?



                    confusion it is! i don't know either when to stop so i just let them(aunties) hug until they feel satisfied. Side to side to side, insaan ka damagh hi ghoom jata hai :-P

                    With some aunties, hugs aren't too tight, with others passlian hi toor daiti hain, as if its been ages you've seen them.

                    With gal friends tight jhapphies and pecks on both cheeks
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                      You girls are funny.
                      Let me tell you something...the way you hug the aunties is very important for your future...particularly after marriage. If you will hug them the way they expect then you will be praised for being such a nice, tameezdar etc etc bahu. on the other hand if you are going to say hi auntie from 6 feet away you will have difficult time adjusting(huh kalmoohiN gori ban'ti hai...dekha tha kaise Hi Hi karti hai nakhray se..maaN ne aqal nai sikhai)


                        << Ahmadi yaar, tooN kee maseebat gallay pava ditti ay? ay tay hooneiN tooN darra riya ay, ainHoN tooheiN mil, meiN tay naee milna. >>

                        Oey Hoon tey Zelzela (earthquick) Ana aey Jiggar, NJ to Hilaan Deya Gay Fikur na kur. Chan jee don't forget to bring some kuchey ambiyaan, Don't worry I know how to make them Puckey.


                          *sigh* I miss my hugs now Long time no Hug. Well Eid is three Hugs and shake hands and regularly its a single Hug and shake hands but if you are really close and like someone said earlier how long you haven't met the hug is much longer then. I wanna go back to Pak and Dubai right now but have to wait couple of days or weeks

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