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    Romaan U Freshy, You're On :)

    OK OK OK, So I take it no1 wants to go next ... well Romaan dahling i pick you cuz I been way too nasty to you of late

    There’re so many people who have inspired me in my short life. But the 2 people who have been especially inspirational are my father and my late nani. But my feelings for both of these are too personal to share with strangers so I’ll tell you about another group of people who have changed my life forever ...

    A few months back I’d had an argument with my parents and had shut myself off in my bedroom. I was flicking thru the channels on the telly when I came across this Red Nose Day programme type thingy. (For the benefits of the non Brits, the Red Nose Day appeal is a yearly event held by the BBC whereby everyone walks around doing silly things and wearing silly red plastic noses and watching silly comedy programmes in order to raise money for British and African charities). Anyway, I wasn’t paying much attention until I came across the image of a skull. Quite a small one. Belonging to a kid who couldn’t have been any older than 5 or 6. The skull had a whole chip missing off the side, where it’d been hit by a machete and a bullet hole where it’d been shot. Next to the skull, on the sandy ground of Rwanda, there must have been at least 100 other skulls which had lain there, untouched, since the mass genocide of 1994.

    Back in 1994, the Rwandan President was assassinated by some extremist Hutu militants, as he was about to sign a treaty which would give the Tutsis more civil liberties and make Rwanda a more just place in which to live (Hutus and Tutsis were like two different tribal groups). Within half an hour of his death, the mass genocide of Tutsi civilians began. The Hutu militants began broadcasting calls for the destruction of the Tutsi population. Approximately 1 million people lost their lives in 90 days. Most killed were Tutsi, but also Tutsi sympathisers who were supporting the plight of the Tutsis. Imagine that. A million friggin people. The whole population of Birmingham wiped out in less than three months and I didn’t even hear a whisper.

    The documentary showed footage of where the Tutsis had been taken. Shot down one by one. The skeletons were strewn all over the floor. It showed interview after interview of women who had been raped by the Hutus. At the time of the rape, the militants had told them that they’d suffer a fate worse than death. Over 50% of the surviving women are now HIV positive. I was well and truly inspired by what I saw next. I’ll never forget. Most of the male population of the Tootsies had been wiped out so I just expected that the Tutsi women had given up hope and settled elsewhere – waiting for their death - but I was wrong. There wasn’t a tear in sight. These women were so unbelievably brave. Each woman was looking after at least 8 orphans without a single complaint. They had set up their own little businesses and were working like mad to give their children a future. To make sure that the kids wouldn’t forget who they were. To make the kids proud of their Tutsi background. When one woman would die of the virus, another would start looking after her kids. These women were working like mad to celebrate the lives of their loved ones rather than mourn their deaths.

    I swear, I’ll never get over the disgust I felt for mankind that day. Is this civilisation ???? Are we really that much better off than these animals ???? No. We are the most barbaric of all barbarians. We are the lowest of the low. We are fuking scum.

    Do u want to know the difference between the Hutus and the Tutsis ??? Tutsis tend to be taller and have smaller noses. More than a million people killed because of some tiny physical difference between two otherwise identical groups of people.

    I so salute these women. I know for a fact that I would have given up hope long ago, but not these women. They’ve overcome poverty and ill health to give their children a chance for the future. And yet they are so grateful for what they’ve got.

    These women were truly inspirational.

    So, whenever I get mad at my family for having ate the last of the bread or drunk last of the Coke, I just think back to what I saw that day. We are so caught up in this ****ty rat race called life that we never get a chance to be appreciate what we’ve got.

    So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
    Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.

    Bravo Sadi
    I'm mucho impressed


      Very nice Sobi.


        Sobz, that was pretty good.


          Rom. You have one tough act to follow. You have one week to comeup with who your inspiration is. You come across as a guy who is not easily inspired, but we never know, there might be some sides to you that we are not aware of. So get your hiney in action, and share with us the person you admire the most (doesn’t have to be me, we all know that).


            That was truly impressive Sadi.


              Very thought provoking Sobi. Well done.


                It was a sad day in history.. unfortunately people in general get familiar with these kind of events when it happens on CNNs and BBCs .. it is so outrageous to know that USA, UNO and all former African colonizers knew before hand what was coming and choose to ignore it. Good thing Sobi that you brought this topic up, if we can learn to act better from these tragedies we will be only doing some reconciliation to those poor innocent souls… I am not surprised that how these women who survived acted so courageously , they always do.

                Hey one more thing
                These things are hard to explain
                For some it seems strange... to swallow
                The frontier of our minds
                Is the last place we find
                But maybe the first place we should go



                  That was a very good read

                  Civilization is just a pretty word for mankind, underneath it we're all animals.

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                  Save Pakistan.


                    For those who don't get inspired very easily...come to the next Iqbal Academy meeting and we'll get you inspired. How come nobody is interested in Allama Iqbal hain??



                      Thanx 4 the positive comments guys (even tho u did sound like secondary school teachers marking assignments !!!)

                      No joke, the documentry changed my whole outlook towards life. I've had such an easy ride, yet i never stopped complaining.

                      It made me feel so humble. I guess the BBC does have it's uses

                      So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
                      Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.


                        wOw..taliaan...very moving stuff..sadi..

                        unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of Truth!


                          it's quite moving stuff indeed.

                          History is full of such stories but we get to hear very few of them. One such mishap happened in Bosnia where Bosnian women were raped by Serbs and some of them became pregnant. Islamically, it's wrong to have abortion (it's another topic why it is so?? ) and hence some of them are bringing up their kids ( of serb rapist fathers) in good manner. I don't know how did they have such a courage to do so.