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    Thelay walay

    I never liked em
    they were so noisy with their

    aaloo lay lo, teenday lay loo, baingan bhi haaain

    har maal do rupiya, har maal do rupiya

    machliiiiiiii wala

    pyaaz tamitar wala, pyaaz timatar wala

    to top this, lying in bed on an early saturday morning, I would then hear aunties of the muhalla adding to the noise

    sabzi walay pyaaz kitnay rupay kilo?

    and then hear em bargain and bring it down to the lowest possible price they could

    then the voice of tarazo would be heard over two aunties gossiping bout something

    sham ko valimay main jaaa rahi ho?
    haaan behan jana to paray ga muhallay ka mamla hay warna sach poochoo to mera bilkul jee nahi kar raha .....blah blah blah

    the sabzi wala was very dheet
    sometimes i found him very flirtitious

    I hated em he was noisy and always woke me up

    On the contrary, i luved the thelay walas with the goodies
    my fav was the shakarqandi wala with whom i secretly traded old copies for a char anay ki shaqarqandi and hid behind some door and ate it

    The 'khirch khirch khirch' of the golay ganday wala drove me mad
    it was like somebody was dragging their nail along the black board

    and then the song of gol guppay wala, it was soooooooooooooo totally hummable
    never learnt the words though,
    I was always on the prowl to somehow sneak out of the house and buy a plate of gol guppays and go on the roof to eat em

    enough, things have changed now
    I have started appreciating the thelay walas,
    If i have run out of onions, i cant tell anam,
    bahir seeeri par beth kar sabzi walay ka dehan rakhna

    instead i have to get the entire kumba ready take the car out and drive down the supermarket just to buy pyaaz

    Why dont we have thelay walas in bahir kay mulk?

    Anchal, I dunno the answer to ur last question but you sure have an interesting way of describing things Perhaps, some countries are just not aware of the convenience thelay walas bring

    *picturing Coles, IGA and Woolies 'supermarket thelas' on the street-hmmm quite a pleasant sight indeed*


      So who said they dont home deliver in pk??


        Anchal....we have and in this part of the world !!


          I miss Thelay waley the most, cuz I'd always steal their goodies. My friends would keep him busy and I would pick up Gandeyrees (sugar cane blocks) and run off.

          More thieving stories to come ...


            Originally posted by Anchal:

            my fav was the shakarqandi wala with whom i secretly traded old copies for a char anay ki shaqarqandi and hid behind some door and ate it
            Anchal..yeh kaunsay jamanay ki baat hai..last i had was 18 rupees pao!.. agar bahar keh mulk mein hautai..tau phir supermarkets kaun jata...


              Anchal Aunty: What about the "ChaleE Wala" ???
              I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
              - Robert McCloskey


                Originally posted by ahmadjee:
                Anchal Aunty: What about the "ChaleE Wala" ???
                Ahmadjee..... you dont know how I had been stopping myself from missing challe walas... you have done it now havent you...


                  chalee wonder..the perfect excuse to stand in front of a girls college


                    That was a quaint read. Thanks.
                    It was funny how you started off by stating that you never liked them, the thelay walay that is, and ended up by wondering why bahir kay mulk don't have 'em.

                    I think theley walay are a great thing. They would save me sooooo much time and prevent me from having to buy fruits and veggies once a week or once every two weeks. I hate having to store veggies in the fridge.


                      I am back. okay my stories stealing falsay, golay gunday.

                      Once I almost got caught I had to run at a really fast pace. Which I am really good at after running track for my school. There was noway those thelay walas could catch the fastest sprinter in the neighborhood.
                      GOT SMOKED !