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    Prince of Dhump

    To all who have read Ibne-safi......

    I already see blackzero and X2 (who happens to be pir fraudi) here ......

    those who haven't.....well baAAaaaAAaAAAADD Luck

    Taken from


    The main character of Imran Series is Ali Imran.

    Ali Imran's character is a complex and versatile one. He is a bright and young Oxford graduate holding M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees. In his most deceiving personality he seems to have a moronic quality. The closest parallel that could be found in western literature would be the character of detective Columbo. However Columbo and Imran belong to two different spheres altogether. Imran is very agile and energetic. When it comes to fighting an enemy face to face, we always find him winning the battle.

    Imran has four personalities in one. As Ali Imran he acts as an opportunist who can become either a police informer or a blackmailer as the situation demands. This cover is obviously for the bad guys and those in the police department, who do not have a clue how important a position he holds.

    Imran's most secret personality is that of X2 (ex-two) who is the Chief of the Secret Service and no one but two other people know who he is. One of them is Sir Sultan, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Imran directly reports to him or to the head of the state. The other person is a long time friend Roshee. She is an Anglo-Burmese girl who was saved by Imran during an adventure and she got to know his secret identity. Roshee is trustworthy and has helped Imran in several cases. Imran's secret is safe with her. Another person who knows X2's secret is a character named "Black Zero." This character takes care of the operations out of the secret service hideouts like Danish Manzil and Psycho Mansion etc. The X2 Team members are not aware of the existence. He fills in for X2 when Imran is with the X2 team and wants some suspecting members to believe that him and X2 are two different personalities. The original Black Zero was killed in an earlier adventure and his place was filled with a new member named Tahir.

    The other two personalities that Imran assumes from time to time are The Prince of Dhump and Rana Tahavvar Ali Sandooqui. As Dhump he is a Prince of a fictitious state known as Dhump. He assumes this role whenever he has to use his influence over others through show of his riches. With an armed bodyguard in company, this character is funny beyond belief. Rana Tahavvar Ali Sandooqui is showed as a businessman who is out of town most of the time. His huge villa "Rana Palace" is apparently on his servants and the bodyguards but in fact is used as a hideout and operations center by the Secret Service members. "Daanish Manzil," which was destroyed during an adventure and "Psycho Mansion," which is covered up as a psychiatric clinic, are the two other buildings the secret service uses.

    Imran works as himself for the secret service too. His fellow team members all the time seem to be either making fun of him or having fun on his expense. The same members shiver with fear when they hear the harsh, hoarse and commanding voice of X2 on phone. They know he is around and watching them.

    Imran has perfected the art of literally dodging the bullets. This is called "Sing Art," which he learned from an international Chinese criminal Sing Hee. Sing had devised this technique that he can dodge any bullets fired on him by judging the hand movement of the assailant and moving swiftly. Sing Hee did it in front of Imran once and Imran asked him to do it again. That was enough for Imran to grasp the technique involved. Then Imran surprised him by challenging him to fire on him and Sing Hee could not believe his eyes when he could not shoot Imran. The evil con man declared Imran to be his rightful nephew in the cunning arts despite the fact that both are bloodthirsty for each other.

    Imran's complex personality seems to be result of his upbringing. His father Karam Rahman, the Director General of the Central Intelligence Bureau, has always been a very strict man. He wants everything done his way. Mr. Rahman had Imran, as a child, attend a Christian Mission School considering that the quality of education would be better there. Imran's mother is potryed as a very religious and pious Muslim lady. She wanted him to follow the religion. So he got confused over what he learned in the mission school and what he was compelled to practice. He developed a dual personality at home and outside. The rejection of dictatorial rule of his father, the training of the mission school, and contradictions in what he learned and what he practiced made him ridicule anything and everything. Despite all the personality shifts and conflicting scenarios, he seems to adhere to the basic principles of human rights and law & order.

    Like Faridi, Imran is also unmoved by the charms of the fair sex and hence very hard to trap. Although due to his apparently vulnerable nature and innocent looks, women seem to have a crush on him as soon as they meet him, he most of the time, treats them roughly and offers nothing but a cold shoulder. Maybe like Faridi, he deals with this as strictly a personal matter; something not to be publicized. Imran's witticism is legendary too. His remarks are humorous and satirical on almost every aspect of life. His personality is enjoyable and at the same time provides food for thought.

    I read most of his work and it was good at that time. There are two other person who new his secrete, his servant I think his name was Salman or something who was equally crazy and funny like his master, and his bodygaurd who was black and I think use to be a boxer.


      I think that was included by the authors after ibn-e-safi... errr maybe .. its been too long to remember


        sulaiman, the servant and joseph the black former prize fighter did not know his identity as far as I recall.

        he has one more identity, used when discussing his adventures in afghanistan or tribal areas...I will let the original author of this thread to find out.

        there was a movie made about imran series, but not imran. showed javed shaiekh as prince zaffar..another funny character and his gang of friends, joseph as well as jameson (jummun..) who act like hippies but are actually informants.

        I wish they made some movies on these books, such a sad state of our film industry when it does not have the capability to produce one movie which can showcase ibn safis imagination and strong characters.

        X2, ali imran is such a great combo of mr bean, james bond, bruce lee, and the inspector from pink panther movies.

        The work should be translated and produced here. I bet X2 can give Bond a run for his money..any day.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Originally posted by Fraudz:
          sulaiman, the servant and joseph the black former prize fighter did not know his identity as far as I recall.
          I dont remember about joseph but sulaiman certainly knew about Tahir. As I said this might have been added by later authors. Imran Series is still being published I think. The plots are not as good and original as Ibn-e-Safi but still good enough.

          Have to catch a flight to pakasia

          rest of the reply later

          I was just thinking in a project meeting... Suleman actually used to recieve calls for Imran when he away, and pass messeges from Black Zero to him.

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