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do words look like what they mean

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    do words look like what they mean

    I was talking to hayaa on chat and we agreed that some urdu words actually begin to have an aura of the trait that they are meant describe.

    e.g. the word mazloom looks so scared, oppressed, sad and kinda bunched up. whereas zalim just looks like a dictator..

    the word "khabees" just has this look to it that u wanna slap it.

    we were surprised to find out that there were others that thought the same.

    what do u say..does the word "mashkook" just looks a bit shady and dodgy?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

    Yes Fraudi..

    Actually, the words are designed this way, they dont just 'seem' this way.

    The grammar in urdu has been shaped as such that a "Faail" (the actor) always comes across as one incharge. 'Maf'ool' (one acted upon) always comes across as the understudy. You can shift it to any urdu word, and even if u go to something like "aashiq" and "maashooq", "aashiq" seems like one who takes the lead, one who initiates the love process, and "mashooq" comes across as one who just sits there being loved;-). Oh well.


      ok. so for fraud unkil.. it's words like zaalim, khabees, mashkook
      and akif...faail, aashiq.

      mai poochti hoon.. am I the only one who sees a connection here?

      p.s. fraudster.. if u posted this thread doubling up on mine in hopes of bailing out from the book u promised me.. well.. u can think again! i posted this question first.. and now you owe me a book.


        No, they look just like any other word to me.

        They do sound a little 'meanful' but aren't words suppose to be???
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          hayaa the connection is that i looked at words liek zalim, mazloom and khabees because i think about the injustice and cruelty in world, and am a revolutionary, akif thinks of ashik and mashook cuz he is hiiting puberty. btw i am closing this thread and moving the responses to yer thread since I opened a new thread without noticing that u had started one already.

          send me the name of the book
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.